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Former interns from HEC

I had been working with former interns from HEC, coming from different majeures, and they were either end of studies internship or cesure.

They have been very succesful, they became friends and they all landed in very strong position at Google, Doctolib and Hired.


Astrid has been working for Plato for 10 months. She was part of the ideation of the product and owned a very important and big part of the Plato product. She joined Plato when we were only 4 people (and we had a different name!). She has been through a major pivot when we pivoted to Plato and she became. Some of the thing she did at Plato:
Plato is a YC alumni (Winter 2016)
Lead market segmentation and product strategy efforts to find Plato’s right positioning
Helped conceptualize, design and build Plato's new product, and take it to market
Became product owner for Plato mentors: created from scratch a community of 100+ mentors from Stripe, Lyft, Google, Airbnb, Facebook, Slack , Doctolib, Blablacar etc.
Worked with Product Management and Engineering to represent the voice of the mentors internally by providing quantitative analyses and qualitative feedbacks
Implemented a KPIs dashboard to monitor the mentors’ onboarding and retention
Organized the start-up launch events in San Francisco and in Paris (300+ attendees)

Astrid is now Strategy Analyst at Doctolib.


Lucas has been working for Plato for 1 year. He wore many hats from customer success to Sales. Lucas was consistently reaching his quota while briging tons of energy to the rest of the company.

Among the things Lucas did while he was at Plato:
Managing our biggest customers Lyft making sure the pilot goes well, the account grew 5x while he was working on it
Held a quota of $40k closed per month and consistently hit his quota while he was here
Helped on the organization of events (selling tickets, doing introduction pitches etc.)

Lucas is now Chief of Staff @ Talent.


Cappy has been doing a 6 months internship at Plato. She was managing Marketing, Customer Success and plenty of other things.

Among the things Cappy did while she was at Plato:
Onboarded 200+ software engineers and managers into the platform through 1:1 calls
Built the company's KPI dashboard using SQL and Mode Analytics
Collaborated with engineering to introduce product improvements
Organized Plato's first annual conference with 30 speakers and 250+ attendees

Cappy is now Product Specialist @ Google


I’d love you to be the next succesful intern at Plato! To apply, go here
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