Why Are SUVs So Popular?

SUVs or sports utility vehicles have increased in popularity in recent years. You might wonder why SUVs are so popular and if you should look at purchasing an SUV as your next vehicle. In this article, we look at why SUVs are so popular and the benefits of owning an SUV.
One of the primary reasons SUVs have become so popular is that they’re very practical. There is plenty of space in an SUV for the whole family and their luggage. Children, especially when they’re young, have lots of things they need to carry around with them, including pushchairs, toys and spare clothing. A family can benefit from the additional space and practicality benefits that come with an SUV. They’re even suitable for carrying all of the items needed for a family camping trip in the UK without needing a trailer attached. Some SUVs also have seven or more seats, making them ideal for larger families that might struggle to find a vehicle to fit everyone.
Ride height
Another advantage of SUVs is the driver and passengers are at an elevated ride height. This improves visibility for the driver and passengers. This improved visibility can make SUV drivers feel much safer on the road. They can get a full view of what other drivers are doing and act accordingly. Many SUV drivers also like being bigger and higher than other drivers as it makes them feel more powerful as a driver. The ride height also makes stepping in and out of an SUV much easier without bending. This is particularly useful for motorists who struggle with mobility or parents that need to place small children or babies in car seats.
Off-road capabilities
Although many drivers don’t choose to take their SUV off the road, it’s nice to know that if they ever drive into a muddy field or down a dirt track, their SUV won’t get into trouble. Some high-end SUVs have four-wheel drive, which is useful when driving on uneven surfaces, such as parking on a field at football practice, a car-boot sale, when camping or at a festival. Although most cars without four-wheel drive probably wouldn’t struggle unless the weather and ground were wet.
When you picture , SUVs don’t automatically spring to mind. However, many manufacturers are bringing out SUVs that rival their other performance models. There are now many options available for motorists who want the practicality of an SUV and a car with great performance and handling. Some examples include Hyundai Kona N, BMW X2, Ford Puma ST and Porsche Macan. Motorists no longer need to settle for a small car that’s low to the ground to achieve high top speeds and quick acceleration. This is making SUVs even more popular to an audience of motorists that wouldn’t have considered them previously.
All-weather driving
SUVs are great for winter driving, especially those with four-wheel drive options. Their elevated driving position and large tires mean they can handle wet and icy conditions easily. If the roads become flooded when ice and snow melt, the higher driving position enables SUVs to travel through large puddles without as much risk compared to standard vehicles. This can be the difference between getting to your destination or flooding your car and needing to call out an emergency breakdown service. Some SUVs also have sunroofs which make driving in hot weather more pleasant.
Latest technology
Car manufacturers focus heavily on their SUV models as they know they’re incredibly popular. This means they will add the latest technology to their SUVs. Families often opt for SUVs for their practicality and space; safety is also another critical factor when deciding on a family car. Many SUVs have advanced safety features to prevent accidents. These can include automatic lane switching technology, collision avoidance systems, automatic headlights and fog lights, blind spot detection, automatic crash response, and a range of cameras so the driver can park easily without crashing their vehicle.
SUVs have soared in popularity and will continue to be popular amongst families and those that need a practical vehicle. A number of car manufacturers are now developing new economical electric SUVs; these are likely to be just as popular as their petrol and diesel counterparts.

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