Top Gift Ideas for Babies Under 3 Years of Age

Buying gifts for very young children can seem like a very daunting task. They are at an age where they can’t really tell you what they want for themselves, so you need to have an idea of the kind of things they like and balance that against what is age appropriate for their developmental stage. It is often much easier to choose gifts for your own young children, but when it comes to picking something for the child of a friend, relative, neighbour or work colleague, things get even more complicated.
Not only do you have to think about what the child might want or need, you also have to take into account the parents’ preferences too. For example, you might want to choose an electronic toy but the parents prefer more traditional toys or something with a more educational edge. If you are in this or a similar situation and are struggling to choose the perfect gift for a friend or loved one’s little, then read on for some of our all time favourite suggestions to help you on your way.
Storytime books
Most kids love having storytime with their parents, whether that is something to do in the afternoon or at bedtime. If you know what kind of stories they will enjoy then pick out a couple to give them as a gift. If the child is very young then it is less about the content of the book and more about listening to their parents’ voices as they read to them. Older toddlers may be old enough to have their own preferences, and may enjoy getting books that they can look through by themselves such as picture books, books with audio, and tactile books.
Practical baby gear
If you prefer to get them something practical that the parents can use in childcare then this is also a fantastic option and is sure to be appreciated by most parents. For example, a beautiful set of soft, pure cotton bedding is always a nice idea, as are blankets and basic, everyday clothing such as neutrally coloured all-in-ones, socks and underwear such as vests.
If you want to choose then look for organic, gentle materials that are low impact and will be kind to the baby’s skin as well as the environment. Many ethical baby goods stores will be happy to talk to you about why their products are better than unethical alternatives, so if you’re not sure then be sure to reach out for more information.
Aside from bedding and wearables, there are other practical baby care products that every parent will use and appreciate as gifts for their little ones. For example, new parents may appreciate something like a changing table or a car seat. If you want to choose something more expensive like this, you can always ask them what they need and prefer so you can avoid picking the wrong thing.
Simple, educational toys
Kids love to play and it is highly beneficial to their development. Not only does play help develop their fine motor skills, it also helps them to learn social skills as well as creativity and confidence. Educational toys will vary a lot depending on the developmental stage of the child, and not every child will reach the same stage of development at the same age. This is natural and completely normal for most kids, so if you’re not sure just ask the parents what age range their kids’ toys should be.
Gift vouchers
If you are really struggling to pick something, or you are not sure what to buy for the child then gift vouchers are always a good idea. They allow the parents or older toddlers to pick something out for themselves so their gift is guaranteed to be perfect for them. Most babycare stores and department stores will offer gift vouchers and most of the time you can choose how much you want to load onto the cards. This way, you can make sure the gift they end up choosing is something that they definitely want or need, and you will not be wasting your time and money by choosing something they don’t like.

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