Perks to Attract New Talent to Your Business

Attracting new talent to your business is essential for success. When people leave and choose to go to another business, it can be challenging. However, many companies see it as an opportunity to hire someone new that can bring a fresh perspective and skills to the business. When companies are unable to hire new talent, it can result in being unable to meet demand and potentially losing business. If you’re struggling to attract talent to your business, you may need to look at your perks and offers; here are some things to consider adding to your business benefits list.
Flexible working
Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many employers have continued to offer flexible working for their employees. This could be flexible hours or their place of work. Either way, more employees now seek more flexible working roles. Employees like the flexibility that working from home brings and the ability to achieve a better work-life balance. If your business doesn’t offer this flexibility, it could impact the talent you attract for available positions.
Shorter working weeks
A relatively new perk that some businesses are offering their employees is the flexibility to work their hours over fewer days. So instead of working the standard five-day week, they do four days instead but additional hours each day. This can prevent burnout and fatigue, especially for employees that work from home. Often they work longer hours anyway and struggle to turn off at the end of the day. Adding this option to your package can help attract more talent and job applicants.
Health package
Health packages can put employees' minds at ease if they ever find themselves with a health condition. Health packages catering to physical and mental health can be more attractive, especially to employees who have struggled with stress in their past positions. Sick pay is the basic level of health package that employees expect from a good employer. Private health care options and the ability to claim back money for health treatments will attract a wider pool of talent.
Training and development
Tangible training and development programs will help attract new talent to your business. A common reason employees leave an organisation is a lack of progression and development opportunities. By offering your employees the ability to improve their skills, you’ll attract better talent and improve the skills of your employees. Many budding employees look for businesses that offer so they can progress into higher roles as managers or senior leaders. Additionally, this gives your business an opportunity to hire talented employees at the beginning of their careers. If job applicants commonly ask about training and development and you don’t currently have a plan in place, it might be beneficial to add a structured training programme to your business.
Childcare benefits
One common concern for working parents is the cost of childcare. Many employees need to take time out of work for childcare issues; by providing childcare as a benefit, you can reduce employee stress and improve overall motivation. Businesses that provide employees with childcare benefits will see an increase in applications and talent. Employers can provide childcare vouchers that their employees can use to pay for childcare or to buy child-related items. Alternatively, a childcare facility on the business premises is a popular option among employees. This allows the parents to be close to their children whilst also being able to work effectively, knowing that they’re being cared for. This also encourages more employees to come into the office rather than working from home or needing to leave early to pick up their children from school or nursery.
The best talent will be picky about who they choose to work for; by providing additional benefits, you can attract better people to your business. If you find that you’re struggling to attract people to your business, take a look at what your competitors are offering in terms of benefits. If they’re offering far more benefits than your business, this might explain the issue. You can also speak to candidates that applied but didn’t take the position to find out what persuaded them to work for someone else. Another option is to speak to employees leaving the business to find out what their new employer offers in terms of benefits.
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