How to Make Your Office Environment More Comfortable

The office environment plays a vital role in the well-being of your employees, increasing productivity and improving workplace morale. Every employer should strive to create a clean, comfortable and inviting setting for their employees to ensure the success of their business and the happiness of their workforce. Here are some tips for maintaining a work environment to be proud of.
Provide Comfortable Seating
When it comes to office work, comfortable, ergonomic seating is vital for preventing back strain, discomfort and fatigue. Old, worn-out desk chairs may be quintessential of the average office, but they could significantly impact the long-term health of your employees. Safeguarding your workers’ health reduces absences and encourages efficiency, so a set of high-quality, ergonomic office chairs is a worthwhile investment.
Consider Standing Desks
Standing desks may not be for everybody, but for some employees, they could make the working day considerably more comfortable and productive. Sitting at a desk for eight hours a day can have detrimental effects on posture and muscle tone, whereas standing can increase blood flow and improve spinal structure. Alternatively, you could offer the best of both worlds with sit-stand desks.
Ergonomic Mouse Mats
Tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) are common office work-related injuries, often caused by continuous computer use, causing tension and strain to shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Ergonomic mouse and keyboard mats use memory foam to alleviate such issues by offering support and keeping the wrists in a natural position - typically in line with the height of the mouse. Furthermore, a good quality mouse mat allows for smooth movement, improving performance and accuracy.
Calming Colour Palette
Learning about colour theory and psychology could have a notable impact on your workforce. Different hues evoke different emotions, and by understanding subconscious reactions caused by specific colour palettes, you can create a calming, comfortable environment for your employees. For example, pale, muted blue, lavender and sage are all colours associated with tranquillity and well-being, whereas a deeper shade of blue is more likely to evoke an atmosphere of integrity and stability.
Efficient Technology
Nobody works well with faulty, outdated technology - in fact, a slow computer can be exceptionally stress-inducing. Computers from decades past may cost next to nothing, but they won’t win any prizes for office optimisation. Equipping your office with durable, high-quality computers aids productivity and efficiency - not only that, but machines that can accommodate modern project management software will revolutionise your business in areas such as contract management and .
Dress-Down Friday
Dress-down Friday is a great way to increase comfort in the workplace. Your employees are more than just workers, they are human beings, and this policy allows them to express their individuality. It could also help your employees form stronger relationships with their fellow colleagues and help them connect with individuals with whom they wouldn't usually socialise.
Open-Door Policy
Every workplace benefits from an open-door policy, which fosters honesty, openness and two-way communication. Encouraging employees to provide feedback and talk freely with management creates a warm, convivial atmosphere in which workers feel comfortable, heard, and valued. Maintaining an open-door policy may also help to solve minor workplace issues and grievances before they become problematic.
Improve Lighting
Lighting is a crucial aspect of any environment, workplace or otherwise. Harsh, overhead lighting may seem like a cost-efficient option, but it can exacerbate health issues such as migraines and eye strain. Conversely, dim lighting can make it difficult for the eyes to focus, leading to short-term eye fatigue. A healthy balance featuring soft, overlapping pools of light should be maintained for a comfortable, calming environment that stimulates productivity. Furthermore, natural light should always be taken advantage of due to its ability to aid focus and increase the production of vitamin D.
Tea and Coffee Facilities
The average office runs on tea and coffee, and it's no surprise that UK workers are considerably happier with a mug of their favourite warm beverage atop their desks. A small way to increase office morale is to provide sufficient tea and coffee-making facilities so your employees can help themselves. You could go all out and purchase a state-of-the-art coffee machine for the staff room or simply supply it with a kettle and a steady supply of teabags, sugar and milk.
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