How to Get Started at the Gym

If you’ve never been to the gym before, walking in and getting started on the machines can be intimidating. However, most gyms are very welcoming, and there are staff on hand to help you get used to the equipment and get your training plan on track. Here are a few tips to get you started at the gym if you’re a bit nervous.
Signing up
The first step to starting your gym journey is to sign up for a gym of your choice. Before signing up, you should check out all of the gyms in your area. The facilities, equipment, price and opening hours will vary significantly between gyms. Try to find a gym that works with your schedule and budget; a 24-hour gym would be the best option if you're a night owl. If you prefer a gym with a swimming pool, cafe and sauna you may need to pay more each month for these facilities. When signing up for the gym, you need to consider your contract length; some gyms offer a rolling monthly contract for maximum flexibility. Other gyms lock you into a 6-month or 12-month contract as part of their deals or offers. Ensure you’re happy with the contract before signing up for a membership.
Find a gym buddy
Finding a gym buddy is a good way to motivate you to go to the gym and help improve your confidence. You can go to the gym together, share workout plans and keep each other going when it gets tricky. Contact friends you know are avid gym-goers or ask on Facebook and social media sites if anyone wants to join you in your gym journey. You can also go to a gym class; it’s a great place to meet like-minded people and find your new gym buddy.
Gym wear
Gym wear is essential for anyone starting; gym clothes can help you feel the part and also help with your performance. A pair of gym leggings or shorts, a gym top, a sports bra and a good pair of trainers are everything you need to get started at the gym. There are many different brands and shops you can get gym wear from; try to avoid cheap gym clothing as it won’t last as long. There are plenty of options to buy ; buying sustainably can help protect the planet and the employees who produce your clothing. Always buy sustainably where you can and keep your values front of mind.
Gym accessories
Along with gym wear, you will need some accessories to get you started. The basics are a small gym towel, bag, water bottle and lock for your locker. When buying a lock to keep your belongings safe, make sure you check the size of the locker holes at your gym. In some gyms, you might need to insert a coin instead of using your own padlock. It’s best to check before you go for your first workout, as it might be frustrating if you can’t lock away your things on your first trip to the gym.
Book an induction
Most gyms offer an induction for new members; this can be in person or online. The induction will take you through all of the gym rules and how to operate the gym equipment. Make sure you attend and pay attention to the induction; gym equipment can be very dangerous if it’s not used correctly. If you’re still unsure how to use something when you get to the gym, ask one of the staff members to help you and demonstrate what to do.
Use a personal trainer.
A personal trainer can be very beneficial if you’re not sure how to meet your goals. They will put a plan together for you based on the time you have available and what you’re looking to achieve. They will also coach you through gym sessions so you can understand how to use the equipment and get the most out of each session. You can choose to continue with a personal trainer throughout your training or do more independent workouts once you’re used to the gym and how everything works.
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