How to Choose a Quality Dog Leash and Collar Set

When it comes to designer accessories for dogs, some brands are well-known to design amazing ranges of handmade, luxury dog collars and accessories. Many are known for the gorgeous quality of the dog accessories they make, and these are sure to be a hit with you and your dog. One of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing designer accessories for your dog is that you not only need them to look good, you also need them to be reliably strong, practical and safe for your dog to wear and use.
Dog accessory types and styles
Reflective dog collars and leashes are perhaps the best way to make your dog visible to drivers and pedestrians. They’re especially useful if you live in a part of the world where it gets dark early in the day or if you generally tend to walk your dog late at night or early in the morning. These accessories generally feature reflective elements on the front and back of the collar and leash.
Reflections onto these fabric strips from oncoming cars help the drivers to see you and your dog, which dramatically increases your road safety on walks. Dog owners can choose designs with reflective elements on their dog's harnesses, leashes, collars and apparel such as jackets and raincoats. If you want a reflective dog collar, harness and lead, you can also pick out a reflective jacket for yourself, or buy a reflective vest or iron-on patch for your outerwear.
Another way to make your dog look stylish and keep them safe is to give them quick release accessories that are crafted with style. Designer brands will incorporate safety features such as quick release buckles in their designs as these tend to be much safer for dogs and their owners, and give you peace of mind. As mentioned, it is vital to think about safety and practicality when choosing accessories for your dog, because they are part of the family and we always want what is best for them.
Some collections include seasonal coats and matching collars and leads, while others are limited edition and available only in limited quantities. For the ultimate in style, consider purchasing designer dog collars and designer that are personalised with your pet’s name as these will be completely unique and are likely to catch some envious glances from other dog owners.
While a lot of dog accessories are not as glamorous as human fashion, they are still a great choice for stylish dogs. Some dog fashion bloggers and social media influencers have become known for their fashionable pooch attire and as such have released their own ranges of dog clothing and accessories. If you want to choose something from a range like this, just make sure it has been safety tested and meets regulations in your country. The right collar, lead or harness will be comfortable for your dog, and will be easy and practical for you to use as an owner. By choosing well designed accessories you will keep your pet comfortable and looking stylish at the same time.
Pet accessory fashion
High-end designer dog collars and leashes are the next logical step in the evolution of pet fashion. From classic leather to bespoke materials, collars and leashes are now available in the same quality as designer handbags that you might buy for yourself or as gifts for loved ones. While dog accessories may have been seen as a purely practical item in the past, designs are tending to be more stylish and fashionable with time. Whether you prefer something traditional, girly, macho or purely practical and minimalist for your dog, you can find a huge amount of choice online and in your local pet boutique.
If you're looking for designer dog collars for your pooch, Etsy is a great place to start but a simple Google search will bring up plenty of awesome results. There are many boutiques for dog apparel, selling everything for your dog from raincoats to princess outfits, and everything in between. There are also boutiques for designer dog toys meaning your dog can be entertained as well as looking good.
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