Essential Motorcycle Gear

Riding motorcycles is a thrilling and enjoyable activity that many people enjoy as part of their hobbies. However, it does come with certain risks, motorcycles are more dangerous than cars, and the lack of a frame means you need to add protection to your body. In this article, we take a look at some of the essential motorcycle gear all riders should wear to protect themselves.
Your head is one of the most vulnerable areas that could come into contact with the ground if you’re involved in an accident or fall off your motorcycle due to adverse weather conditions. Protecting your head is vital; all motorcycle riders should wear a helmet no matter how far they are riding or the laws in their area. Some countries have strict laws that make it illegal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet, while others are more relaxed. If you have an incident where you come off your bike whilst wearing your helmet, and it makes contact with the ground, it’s important to get a replacement when you ride your motorcycle again. The impact will affect the helmet's ability to protect your head fully. Experts recommend you always buy a motorcycle helmet new as it can be nearly impossible to determine if the helmet has been dropped or damaged in the past when buying second-hand. Whenever you're unsure about the condition of a helmet, always err on the side of caution, head protection is essential and shouldn't be compromised.
Motorcycle gloves
Your hands control your motorcycle's throttle, brakes, steering and lights. It helps if you are mobile and protected from adverse weather so you can stay in control of your motorcycle. Cold weather spells, rain and stones can hit your hands whilst riding, leaving you stiff and injured, which can impact your ability to ride your motorcycle. A good pair of motorcycle gloves will allow you to grip the throttle firmly whilst protecting your hands. In addition to protecting your hands during general driving, motorcycle gloves can help if you are involved in a road collision. Your hands may be the first thing to hit the ground; motorcycle gloves add a layer between your skin and the tarmac, protecting your skin. In addition, some motorcycle gloves have protective pads that sit over your joints. In the event that you are thrown from your motorcycle, and your wrists or fingers are twisted or take a large amount of impact, these can be helpful.
Motorcycle jacket
Aside from your brain, the other parts of your body that are most vulnerable are your organs. These need to be protected when you’re riding a motorcycle. Think of it like a car's shell that takes most of the impact in a collision. can help to shield your body from a portion of the impact. There are so many different options when shopping for motorcycle jackets. It's important to find one that fits well and provides the right level of protection. Chest, back and elbow protection pads should be included and located in the right spots on your body when you wear the jacket. You can also look for features such as removable lining for easy washing, reflective areas to aid visibility, and pockets so you can easily store your personal items.
Motorcycle boots
When you fall off your bike, or the bike falls on you, your feet are very vulnerable to being crushed or caught. Many beginner riders will also put their feet down out of instinct to stop the bike. If you’re wearing standard shoes, the rubber will wear away quickly, leaving your feet exposed and unprotected. Motorcycle boots are designed to withstand this friction and won’t wear away as quickly as standard shoes. They also provide support and protection for your ankles, toes and feet. When you choose your motorcycle boots, make sure they fit well and don’t hinder your ability to operate the gears.
These are the three basic pieces of protective equipment that all motorcycle riders need to wear when getting on their motorcycle. Other protective gear, including motorcycle trousers, are also recommended for all motorcycle rides. However, many choose not to wear them and take risks associated with riding without full protection.
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