Cool Creative Hobbies You Can Do with Your Kids

These days it might feel like your kids are surgically attached to their electronic devices such as smartphones, iPads and laptops. Being online is just a fact of being a young person in this decade, but every parent knows that it is absolutely vital that young kids make time for other hobbies that encourage them to put their devices down every once in a while.
The best hobbies for kids are ones that are designed to get them to use their brains creatively, and will give them an enriching and educational experience. The trick in getting digitally switched on kids to take part in activities outside of the digital space is to choose something engaging that they find rewarding.
There are loads of age appropriate things you can do with your kids in terms of hobbies. You know your kids better than anyone so will have a better understanding of the kinds of things they might be interested in taking up. This will make it easier for you to choose something, but if you are struggling to get started then this article will help.
Painting is something that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age. You can have fun using different techniques to create colourful works of art. Finger painting, using a brush, or making stamps to apply colour to your canvas. If you are painting with kids then you will want to use non-toxic paints that are water based and washable in case of spills. Painting can go from being a fun activity to a serious hobby that can be very rewarding. Many painters start out this way and painting ends up being a lifelong hobby.
Gardening can be a great skill for kids to learn, and parents can find a lot of enjoyment in it too. Growing plants like fruits, vegetables and flowers at home in the garden or in a hydroponics system teaches children a lot about biology and the life processes of plants, as well as being incredibly rewarding. Gardening is not without its hazards, so any parent gardening with young children needs to supervise them carefully at all times and should not allow them to use dangerous equipment or put anything in their mouths.
Learning to sew is an important life skill that can also be very rewarding. It teaches children to be patient and encourages them to develop good hand-eye coordination. Simple projects like basic cross stitching are good for beginners and you can work up to using when your skills improve. As with anything sharp, parents need to be careful when allowing children to use anything sharp like needles and scissors.
There are many reasons why singing is a good hobby for kids. It teaches breathwork, builds their confidence and, if they are learning to read sheet music, they will be learning an important practical skill. Most kids will enjoy singing because they will have seen shorts of singers on social media like Tik Tok.
If your kids enjoy being outdoors then making hikes a regular activity can be a great way to get them away from their phones and doing something active. Hiking can be an educational experience if you include some wildlife spotting, or make things even more fun by using it as a chance to learn some photography skills. If you are lucky enough to live relatively close to a natural area, be it a canal towpath, local woodland, or a national park, you can spend lots of happy hours outdoors with your family. You could also pack a picnic lunch to enjoy in a scenic spot.
Clay sculpting
Air dry clay is a wonderful material that allows kids to be as creative as they like with a safe, non toxic and easy to use medium. You don’t need any special equipment to use air dry clay, but it is a good idea to protect your surfaces and create a space that is out of the way for your creations to dry. Once they are dry, you can go about decorating them with paints and varnishes. Clay sculpture is a lovely hobby for people of any age and is a great way to make presents for friends and family.
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