This document outlines how to source and share jobs in the #full-time-jobs and #part-time-jobs Slack channels!
Reach out to Michael if you have any questions.

You should only post jobs that are in politics or social good (broadly defined) and that are entry-level-ish (you can usually tell from the title; 1-2 years of experience required is fine, 5-10 isn’t).


Jobs Email

Do this as often as you can, ideally a few times a week

I’ve created an email address where I’ve subscribed to the following jobs lists:
Sujata Strategies
Ops Next Job Board
Jobs that are Left
Jobs for the Left
Matt Lockshin’s Digital Jobs (flagging that this only comes occasionally, but there are a
of them, and it’s worth really digging through)

Here is the log-in info:
Password: Pipeline!

Log into the email account and go through each email. Decide to either post the jobs in the appropriate channel or, for ones that are clearly mid or senior level, to pass on them. Either way, archive the message once you’ve made a decision.
I checked the jobs email today!

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