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2080: Business and Administrative Writing
2080: Business and Administrative Writing Projects

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Personal Reviews

You will evaluate your performance and reflect on the semester during individual conferences

💡 Project Scenario

Evaluations are a regular—and good—part of business life. We can’t get better if we never identify the growth areas. You will reflect on your participation and confidence in the materials during a personal performance review with Professor HB. No sweat 😅

❓ Problems to Solve (Actions)

You have three actions to complete the assignment.
Sign up for a personal review appointment
Submit your completed personal evaluation form.
Attend your personal review appointment ready to chat.

📲Materials Needed

Use the links to solve the problems (actions).

👏 Grading

The review is graded as complete/incomplete based on your evaluation form and conference attendance. You need to upload the form and be prepared to talk about your semester.

✨Skills to Practice

Completing this activity demonstrates the technical skill of assessing the quality of your work, writing, and attitude.

Career Check!

Use this activity as an example of a time you were honest about your strengths and weaknesses. Often, being “trainable” is a good thing: show them you are a thoughtful employee who is comfortable with self-reflection.
You might say or write (in a cover letter) something like...
I actually practice reflecting and finding things to improve about my work. In a business writing course, we had to submit performance evaluations and then meet with the professor. I was nervous at first, but I found that being honest about my attitude and confidence towards work helped me get more out of the class. My professor directed me to additional ideas, tools, and resources... which she wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t been comfortable really figuring out my strengths and weak areas to improve.
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