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PMA's B2B persona questions | Master list

A list of questions you can ask to determine your B2B personas.
We’ve got a B2B user persona template
and example
, but if you need a bit of inspiration when it comes to asking the right questions you’re in the right place. Of course, not all of these will be appropriate or relevant, so it’s up to you to pick, choose and gauge which are suitable for your market.
💡 Remember: persona interviews are most effective when done over the phone or in-person and this will give you a chance to probe and explore areas outside of your predetermined set of questions.

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Job Role +1
Job Role
What’s your current job title?
How did you end up where you are today?
How long have you held your current position for?
Have you always worked in this field?
Do you enjoy your job? If yes, what do you enjoy? If no, what don’t you enjoy?
Do you see yourself in this field in the long-term?
What does a day in the life of you look like? If you don’t have a typical day, what does a typical week look like?
Which department does your role report to?
How big is your immediate team?
Who do you report to?
Thinking about the team you are a member of, are you all co-located, remote or distributed geographically?
What are the main skills and knowledge needed for your job?
Which departments/roles do you interact with or depend on most day-to-day?
Do you manage anyone else? If so, how many people and what are their titles?
What are your main responsibilities?
What are your objectives?
What factors enable you to achieve the objectives easily?
What factors are bottlenecks/roadblocks?
What metrics are you measured on?
Which tools do you currently use in your job?
How do your team’s budgets work?
How far do you try to plan in advance?
Pain Points
What’s the hardest part of your job?
What do you think absorbs the most of your time?
If you could change one thing about your current [insert something personal to their job/your product, i.e. ‘your email automation platform’] what would it be?
Which people or departments lean on you most?
What are your top three to five internal barriers?
What are your top three to five external barriers?
Who do you lean on for support?
Thinking about [X - where X is a specific technology or product], can you talk me through your [Y - where Y is a buying or on-boarding experience]?
What were your main concerns with buying [insert product]?
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