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PMA Content mapping template

Use this template to ensure you're putting the right content in front of your target audience at the right time during the different stages of the buying funnel.
A content mapping template helps you make sure you’re putting the right content, in front of the right people, in the right way, and at the right time. It targets prospects at various stages of the buying funnel and is designed to pinpoint which types of content will be most effective in leading them to the next stage of the funnel. If you work with copywriters, this kind of template is a good document to handover and ensure they’re putting the right product focus into their writing.
The Content Type can be blog posts, whitepapers, videos, etc. The Content Theme can be a how-to guide on or webinar on a certain topic. The Channel is a marketing email, newsletter, social post, etc.

[Persona Name]

Write your persona name above. Give a brief overview of your persona here, including things like their: Goals, Pain-points, Barriers, Role in the buying process, and Preferred content.
💡 Example:
Jane doesn’t have the final say but she drives the business case to get internal buy-in.

She’s responsible for digital campaign delivery and optimisation.

Jane’s current struggles are around getting a holistic view of all her campaigns and providing the sales team with enough qualified leads.

Clear sample data


They know they’ve got a problem and they’re looking for a solution.


You’re on their radar - but your competitors probably are too.


You’ve piqued their interest and they’re evaluating your product(s).


They’re weighing up whether to pick you, your competitor or no-one.
Content Type
Online Ask Me Anything (AMA)
In-depth article
Video demo
Product one/two-pager
Content Theme
How to deliver more SQLs at less cost - to be done with a key, internal stakeholder
Match Jane’s core problems to potential knock-on effects and then solutions. Use internal data and case studies as proof points throughout
Show Jane how much value she’ll get out of the product with a 2-minute video, focusing primarily on the campaign dashboard and lead-gen features
Reiterate the value to Jane and help her get that internal buy-in with a proof-driven document pulling out your USPs, value, price and case studies
Promote via email, social media, website and newsletter.
Promote via email and social media and optimise for SEO
Include in marketing’s nurture emails and retargeting campaigns
Get sales reps to share the video in follow-up emails
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