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"eVTOL Aircraft Market is estimated to be USD 8.6 Billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 23.5 Billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 15.5% during the forecast period 2022-2028"
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The research report includes comprehensive coverage of aspects that have a positive and negative impact on the eVTOL Aircraft market. The study foresees what is going to occur within the near future. this can demonstrate how the market has operated within the past and can operate within the future. As a result, global market sales and revenue numbers are included within the history and projections. The research examined the industry's drivers, prospects, and challenges. it'll facilitate your understanding of the foremost factors that drive market movements.
Ø Airbus SE
Ø Bell Textron Inc
Ø Embraer SA
Ø EHang Holdings Ltd
Ø Elbit Systems Ltd
Market Segmentation
The current report contains an intensive segmentation of the market by product type, application, end-user, and geography. This section of the study goes through each market segment and sub-sector intimately. This information is important for market players to know the market's trajectory.
By Propulsion Type
· Fully Electric
· Hybrid Electric
· Hydrogen Electric
· <100 kg
· 100–1000 kg
· 1,000–2,000 kg
· >2,000 kg
By System
· Batteries & Cells
· Electric Motor/Engine
· Aerostructures
· Avionics
· Software
· Others
By Lift Technology
· Vectored Thrust
· Multirotor
· Lift plus Cruise
By Mode of Operation
· Autonomous
· Piloted
By Range
· <= 200 km
· 200 km
By Application
· Air Taxis
· Air Shuttles & Air Metro
· Private Transport
· Cargo Transport
· Air Ambulance & Medical Emergency
· Last Mile Delivery
· Inspection & Monitoring
· Surveying & Mapping
· Surveillance
· Special Mission
· Others
North America
The Middle East & Africa
Latin America
COVID-19 Impact Analysis
The global EVTOL Aircraft market's impact from the COVID-19 outbreak, likewise as projections for the long run. All of the measures are connected to COVID -19's overall value, market share, and impact on market growth, also as how the market's major competitors reply to these changes. this allows you to assess whether the coronavirus pandemic encompasses a positive, negative, or neutral impact on the market as an entire.
Regional Overview
The regional analysis supports your company's strategic expansion. This research evaluates sales, turnover, and consumption patterns in each sector region and offers a radical analysis of country- and regional eVTOL Aircraft markets. It allows you to work out which market region is that the most vital and is predicted to grow significantly within the next years. The report checked out North America, geographical region, Europe, Asia Pacific, the center East, and Africa moreover as other locations.
Competitive Scenario
The market growth variables, yet as thorough information on the foremost market rivals, are all examined fully. Market player, region, application, and other requirements can all be wont to contribute data and knowledge. A SWOT analysis of the market is included within the study. This comprehensive competitive analysis can facilitate your plan ahead and stay before the competition. A quantitative and qualitative examination of the main market participants is obtainable in terms of sales, revenues, and price.
In the final section of the EVTOL Aircraft market research, industry experts' perspectives are included. Develop and comprehend a radical understanding of the world market and its business environment. This helps you understand the competitiveness of the market similarly because of the performance of other industry participants.
Table of Content
Research Methodology
Market Dynamics
Impact Analysis
Value Chain Analysis
Porter’s 5 Forces Model
PEST Analysis
EVTOL Aircraft Market, By Propulsion Type
EVTOL Aircraft Market, By MTOW
EVTOL Aircraft Market, By System
EVTOL Aircraft Market, By Lift Technology
EVTOL Aircraft Market, By Mode Of Operation
EVTOL Aircraft Market, By Range
EVTOL Aircraft Market, By Application
Regional Analysis
Company Profiles
Competitive Landscape
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