CS Team

Tracking customer payments

Payments made by CS or Finance team on behalf of the mover e.g. deposits, transport
Please see here on
When we make payments on behalf of movers, we need to ensure we’re tracking those payments to:
Invoice the mover / mover company, or
Match it against the deposit paid

If you’re already tracking costs and you’re not sure if you need to do this, please check with finance.
What’s new
📁 All tracking docs will be kept in this folder >
You may not have access so please go ahead and request this (slack Bilal to speed things up)
Please create a new folder for the mover company if there isn’t one already.

📃 Please use the template called “” in the .
Create a copy of the template
Change the {Mover name} part of the doc name to the mover’s name.
Move the new tracking doc to the relevant folder.
Where to keep the receipts
Documents relating to movers will continue to be kept together in this folder >
How to fill out the document
There are some required field shown as “< required
The formulas are updated automatically
Ensure all columns are updated (If the amounts are in different currencies, covert this to the base / budget currency)
Inform Finance this needs to be invoiced and tracked so the final column can be ticked

1️⃣ You only need to create one tracker per mover and record all payments in the same document.

Want to print your doc?
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