Expenses (UK team)

How to reclaim out-of-pocket expenses
Before starting, you will need to be invited to use Xero Expenses. Please reach out to Bilal 🥸
You can download the Xero Expenses app or access .
How to:
After starting a new expense claim, take a photo or upload your receipts / invoices.
Some of the details in the claim may be automatically filled in when scanning a receipt.
Purchase amount: Enter the currency and amount.
Description: Short explanation of what this is for.
Spent at: The company / restaurant / book club / salsa bar you made the expense.
Spent on: Date
Account: Please pick the one you think is most relevant. Finance can change it later. Most people will use:
Staff Benefits
Staff Social
Optional - RMC / Corporate: If your expense relates to a specific RMC / Corporate. Please pick this.
You can Ignore:
Assign to customer
Tax rate: Please change this to what you can see on any UK based receipts / invoices. Otherwise please choose 0%.

🎣 If you are unsure about anything, please reach out to Bilal on slack.
🪂 Invoices paid using a company card don’t need to be added to Xero expenses. Please forward these invoices / receipts to

Want to print your doc?
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Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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