Expenses (Insperity)

How to reclaim out-of-pocket expenses
This is the guide for US employees contracted via the Insperity platform. Before starting, you will need to be invited to use Xero Expenses. Please reach out to Bilal 🥸
You can download the Xero Expenses app or access .
How to:
After starting a new expense claim, take a photo or upload your receipts / invoices.
Some of the details in the claim may be automatically filled in when scanning a receipt.
Purchase amount: Enter the currency and amount.
Description: Short explanation of what this is for.
Spent at: The company / restaurant / book club / salsa bar you made the expense.
Spent on: Date
Account: Please pick the one you think is most relevant. Finance can change it later. Most people will use:
Staff Benefits
Staff Social
Optional - RMC / Corporate: If your expense relates to a specific RMC / Corporate. Please pick this.
You can Ignore:
Assign to customer

🎣 If you are unsure about anything, please reach out to Bilal on slack.
🪂 Invoices paid using a company card don’t need to be added to Xero expenses. Please let the finance team know.

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