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Card Payments (Jeeves)

Jeeves company cards can be used for payments for movers
Smaller payments

For smaller payments, less than £100, please go ahead and use your main virtual card. These card details can be found in the card section (left of the screen)
Larger payments (e.g. Rent / Deposit)

For large payment such as any rents or deposits (that can be paid via card), we should have have one card per mover.
Please ask finance to set up a new card for you specific to a mover. This is so you can have higher spending limits if needed.
Can I use it as a holding card?

If you need a card to place a hold, please go ahead and create a new card and use those details.
This can be done via the card screen, and the “create new card” button.
If you you need to increase your limit, please let finance know 🤑

❔ What address should I use for the card?
✔️ Regus, Station Way, Crawley, UK, RH10 1JH
❔ When I create a card, what should I call it?
✔️ You can set it as any name. Most likely this will be the name of the mover or the purpose of the card. When you make payments, the name will be of the card holder (you)
❔ What limit should I set?
✔️ The amount you need.

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