A short overview of the document
This is a document that I have started building to assist me with SAP implementations. As such it is very much a work in progress. For example, in the section, the Material Types that have been documented are the ones that were used by clients that I have used them at.

Also, I have mostly worked with product costing in the product/ process order environment, so most of the information relates to that environment.

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Information on how to find information in SAP, or on how to get something done.

Tools to document Master Data objects, including field level descriptions, client requirements and check tables. Contains SAP standard entries, e.g. for Material Master, the ROH and other Material Types are included, with details on the standard Valuation classes.

These are the SAP Config tables, with the SAP standard config entries. If you are a paying member, I will create Cross Doc documents for you, which you can then use to populate with your customer entries, as part of your config gathering work and documentation. Note that you can copy and paste information from and to Excel, and any other application.

This section contains examples and explanations of concepts. This can be both SAP and Accounting concepts, and often how best to implement an Accounting concept in SAP.
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