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I am playing around with using Coda for unstructured information, but with links and cross links.
It is “under development”, and I have no idea where this will end up at.... And I used the word Wiki for a lack of anything better.
Ways to establish links:
@ - With this you will be presented with a searchable menu that will allow you to search for people, pages or info in rows in a table, and establish a link to that data.
@Piet Strydom
(people) OR (table) OR (page - searched for Biden) OR
@Biden and the Future of the Family
(Record in a table, also produced when searching for “Biden”)

= Allows you to create a formula to calculate a result, or to look up a record from any table on any page of the document. All of the formula functionality is available here.
For example, the formula
outputs the below information:
@Biden and the Future of the Family
@ANother NYT article
Ctrl-K - Adding hyperlinks to text , or anywhere on .
Use this to create networks of pages if the /page and /subpage hierarchy no longer satisfy your needs
Duplicate page button - I particularly like this function. Once the button has been created in a column, you can click it to automatically create a page linked to that row. It doesn’t work EXACTLY like Notion’s pages, but it is close enough. And more flexible in setting up different templates, and different destinations for the page. With the Notion feature the page is part and parcel of the row, with a single template.
(This has mostly become superfluous with the new Canvas feature in Coda.)

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