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Archiving and "Freezing" links and formulas in Tables - In progress

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In this section I would like to address two topics.


Sometimes a table just gets a little too big, and something has to be done about it. You have two options:
Simply delete the oldest entries.
Selectively copy items ready to be archived from the original table to another table.
Decisions need to be made
Which entries to copy, and
which columns needs to be copied.
Do the archived columns need to have “live” formulas and links, or should they be “frozen”.
These are questions that completely depends on the context of your document.

Freezing Links and Formulas

Formulas and links in columns in Coda remain “live” like they do in a spreadsheet. When your document gets large, this can lead to longer and longer recalculation times.
As always, there are several ways to solve this problem.
Delete old and unneeded rows from the table.
Move rows from the main table
to an archive table, with the links and formulas intact.
to an archive table, converting the formula results to text.
use a table table with life links and formulas only for data capture, and then move the results immediately to the text only table. Use the text only table as the main table for the doc.

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