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Overview of Examples

A reference manual for CODA functionalities
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The idea behind this document is to provide working examples of how to do specific things.
This is an ongoing project, so bookmark this to see future examples.
It is NOT a full template doing something amazing, it simply illustrates how to get the building blocks working.
In I give examples of how to use formulas, both in the document itself, and inside tables. They cover some of the formula categories, like date, duration and mathematics, ranging from very simple formulas, through to more elaborate formulas that work on a subset of a table.
In , I give examples of how to link tables together. It starts from the very simple select column type, through more complex examples.
In I play around with various ways to link and crosslink information in Coda.
is an area where I store example that I have prepared to questions asked in the official Coda community.
contains examples of how to link to information in some Google products.
shows some examples on how to archive information. One of the behaviours of Coda that is different to a normal database, is that when a column formula calculate a value, the formula stays “live”. In other words

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