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Rambling Pete - Personal Info Manager

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Rambling Pete - Personal Info Manager

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In this document I pull together a some of the ideas that I have used in building my own personal information manager. To do this, I am using a tool called
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People List
To do list with due dates
Official Numbers and other info
Research topics/ Web downloads
Cross referencing


The sections of the doc works together, but each can stand on its own. I recommend that you start with the section that is most interesting for you, and then to start using the areas as they become needed.
For example start with a to-do list, and when you need to reference a person - do so in the People column. Maintain the additional info in the table as needed.
OR, if you want to keep a record of your downloads, install the Chrome extension for Coda, and then start downloading links to web pages in the table on the page. If you want to group pages together, use the Topics column.

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