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End-User templates - ready to use without any changes.

This is a template that is ready to be used by end-users. Sign up for CODA (it is free), make a copy of the document, delete the example data, and you are ready to get organised. Subscribe to this blog to get future versions, which will include
Integration with Gmail calendar. (Or Slack, on request)
Implementation of the funnel, which is essential for busy people. Do not let future topics and mini-projects clutter your current to do list, move them to an unscheduled period. Regularly review your funnel of unscheduled topics to see which are the next to require attention. Note that there is a difference between things scheduled far in advance, and things that are unscheduled.

Maker templates - aimed at people that want to copy the information, or part of it, into their own creations

Reference Template - This contains working examples of how get specific things done in CODA.
Examples include how to use formulas, how to add them to tables, and how to implement slightly more complex formulas like how to calculate a sub-total or an average for a subset of the records in the table.
to this blog to get future versions, which will include how I set up an integration from this CODA subscriber form, via Zapier, to MailChimp.

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