Short Thoughts

Hope for the future

My little crystal ball sees a number of simultaneous trends: America moves from a white majority, to whites being the largest minority. This will break the stranglehold of the stubborn white old men. If it does so in November, we hopefully look at removing some of the Republican gerrymandering - then this current crop of ideas will never be successful in an election again.
If the younger generation keeps on stepping up, and Biden leads on climate change, even just marginally, things will improve radically going forward - Renewables are already cheaper than coal, even before externalities. (In some areas it is already cheaper to build new renewables to replace existing coal plants!!) If we can stop the worst of the fossil fuel subsidies and impose even a relatively slight carbon tax, renewables will explode. It is currently the area where all the researchers want to be, and more and more oil companies are seeing the light, and moving to renewable energy. If they put their billions and their lobbying power behind solar, wind and some storage solutions, we will not recognise our clean air in 10 years time. (Already thousands of deaths have been averted due to cleaner air in the USA).
With the stubborn white old men out of the way, the USA can then also move forward on other good ideas - universal health care, universal basic income, income and wealth inequality, etc.
All it will take is a blue tsunami on 3 November to (for real this time) wash clean the swamp with good, disinfecting salt water.
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