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Knowledge Acquisition Tool


This document assists in gathering information. It can be generalised for different purposes, but I developed it for use in development for software enhancements.

It consists of three basic tables:
Gaps, Meetings and Action items
Gaps - This is the first table, where one creates a “gap” to address a soecific requirement. In the table there is a button column that creates a page for the gap. The page is a duplication of the “Template Page - Gap” and it contains a view of the Meetings table and the Action items table, which can be filtered to show only info for the specific gap.
Meetings - This table allows the creation of meetings for a specific gap, with columns for the topic, goals, agenda and minutes of the meeting. These details can be emailed to the attendees before and after the meeting, depending on how the gmail button is set up.
Action items - In this table all actions realted to a gap is recorded, including a deadline date, a resposible person and a status.

This information is shown by gap, but views are available by team. It would be simple to create views that show due action items for the project as a whole, but also per team and per responsible person.

Part of the idea behind the doc is to create a central repository for requirement and design information. To often, especially on international projects, or nowadays remote work projects, that information is contained in emails, and documents on emails. Nobody is ever certainwhich is the latest version, and emails goes unread, or disappear between the cracks.
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