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Leadershift - An integral, whole system approach to awakened leadership
An integral, whole system approach to awakened leadership

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In the third module we look into our capacity as a leader on whole system improvement, productivity, and community welfare.
Organizational systems seem to have a life of their own. That is, they act as any living organism does. A primary role of leadership is to enable living systems actualization, which means to perceive phenomena in terms of their wholeness and dynamic aliveness rather than their thingness, and to take actions and make choices in support of the full expression of this aliveness.
Skills & Capacities
How to sense into, trust and leverage the wisdom of the system
How to create spaces where people can thrive and collaborate across diversity
How to scale leadership in your organization

Thanks to practices such as Third Entity(TM), Ecosystem Mapping, Deep Democracy, System Design Modelling and Systems Constellation, you expand your systems awareness, you develop your living system intelligence and you learn to navigate complex systems.
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