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Leadershift - An integral, whole system approach to awakened leadership
An integral, whole system approach to awakened leadership

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In the second module we look into your capability as a leader to relate to others in a way that brings out the best in yourself, others, teams, and organizations. Amongst others we will look into interpersonal effectiveness with which the leader listens, engages in conflict and controversy, deals with the feelings of others, and manages his/her own feelings.
Skills & Capacities
How to be more present to others and engage authentically and courageously in dialogue
How to integrate polarities, including learning to work in synergy with the feminine and the masculine, not decreasing one for the other
How to reclaim your wholeness as you experience polarities in relationships
How to transform conflict in energy for the benefit of the whole.

In this stage, practices such as deep listening, embracing conflict, shadow work, Equicoaching® or Authentic Relating practices help you expand our social awareness, learn to be better at regulating your emotions and tune in with others to create more authentic relationships.

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