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Music Player & Library

Quick Start Instructions

This is your personal library of free music from across the internet. Add songs. Create, save, and listen to playlists all within Coda. Filter by custom tags. Or listen at random. Here's a quick guide to get started...
Press "Start" in the Music Player to listen to the pre-loaded playlist.
The first time you play a song in the Music Player from each of the supported sites, you will need to press "Allow" and play in the embedded media. This doc supports YouTube, SoundCloud, Internet Archive and Google Drive.
Use the Left and Right arrows to jump forward and back in the Playlist.
Scroll down and press the arrows to reveal or collapse the Playlist and Song Library.
Visit the
section for an in depth guide on how to add songs, use the music player, save playlists, and more.



Add 10 Random Songs
Clear Playlist
Load Playlist
Save Playlist
Demo Playlist
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Song Library

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