Jotto in Coda!

Jotto in Coda!

A multiplayer twist on the classic game
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Jotto is a classic word game where you try to guess your opponent’s secret 5-letter word. Except in this version of the game, there’s a slight twist. Coda chooses the secret word, and your opponents are all the other users of this doc.

Basic Rules

With each round, guess a five-letter word. This doc will tell you how many letters in that guess match a unique letter in the secret word. These matches are called “jots.” For example, if the secret word is OTHER and you guess PEACH, the E and H in PEACH match an E and an H in OTHER, so the number of jots is "2". (Letters don't need to occur in the same position.) Using deduction, your goal is to guess the secret word within 20 rounds, fewer the better.


You can play in 3 modes. Cycle through modes using the
button on the
Game Board
. Select a mode before before pressing the
button for a new game.
Coda selects a secret word at random. Games in Solo mode are included in your stats. If you end a game before making any guesses, the game will be deleted and not recorded. If you have made guesses and you end the game before solving or completing all 20 rounds, the game will be recorded as “unsolved.”
Choose an opponent
starting a new game. If they have played secret words that you have not, Coda will select at random from the list of unplayed words. Once you have played all the same words as an opponent, the mode will revert to Solo when this opponent is selected.
Just like Solo mode except the game does not count toward your overall stats or versus games.


Navigate to the
Game Board
using the
Open Game
button above. The
Game Board
includes a Jotto sheet where you can play each round and take notes. The right-hand sidebar includes your
Choose Opponent
options. It also includes the Eliminating Alphabet. As you can rule out letters, press the
button to input them. If you determine a letter must be in the secret word, press
and input that letter.

Here’s an example at 4x speed:



Navigate to the leaderboards using the
Open Stats
button above. Choose an opponent in the
table to see measure up against specific players. Anonymous players do not generate stats.

Delete My Game History

If you’ve been playing this game and would like to start over with a clean slate, press the button below to erase your history from this doc. Only press it if you are
sure. There is no turning back.

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