MO1013 Class Notes: 2022.01.25

Remember that there is a Quiz next week

By Week 14:
I would like everybody to be able to create a simple APP on IOS iPhone:
Business Apps
We will be working on a Simulator:
A. IF you have a Macintosh Computer : XCODE is an App / Program that runs only on OS/x : On a Mac: you use XCODE: an IDE for for IOS applications.
B. No Mac ? No problem. Windows users can use MacInCloud: Not a Simulator.
When you purchase the MacInCloud Service ($10/month): You are getting an Account to TELNET into a real Macintosh.
TELNET is a TCP/IP protocol that lets you remote control a real Mac Computer from your Computer via the Internet Connection.
Two ways to develop Apps for the iPhone / Apple ECO SYSTEM / Technology Stack.
iPad, Apple Watch
Any device that runs the IOS Operating System.
Work Flow:
Let’s start by reviewing the basics:
Google Classroom
PowerPoint Course Work
Mac In Cloud

We are here to develop iPhone applications that can really run on a real iPhone
you might choose to load your app onto the phone if you really want to run it
But for now we will be using computer programs to simulate the app that we're writing
There are two ways you can make an iPhone app I will be demonstrating both of them in this class:
If you have a Mac computer: you should install xcode from the App Store. if you have a Mac computer and you have not yet done this take a couple of minutes to do it now it installs like any other app and it is free.
If you have a windows computer: you are going to purchase a Mac and cloud subscription for $25 a month.
Mac in cloud gives you a telnet access to a real Macintosh computer.
Also: a couple of students can get together and share one account or a couple of you can get together and pay into it and share the user ID password.
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