INFO-6085-32-22S MONDAY August 8 S22

Final Exam will be via FOL ONLINE Exam tool:
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Course Review:
Discuss what a Document?
How do we use and Manage Documents at work?
MS Office is a Document Management System:
Focus of study:
Become practiced in using ALL the features of the MS Office.
Our specific focus: Be able to work in the Support Role: Deskside Support, Help Desk Analyst.
MS OUTLOOK was the original Killer App that got businesses to buy into using computers in the 1980s.

Our focus is MS OFFICE: the collection of software packages to do:
Word Processing
Spreadsheet: Excel
Presentation: PowerPoint
Collaboration/Communication: OUTLOOK
The Enterprise means The Company.
Office seeks to provide for all the Information Needs of The Enterprise.
3 kinds of Enterprise Collaboration Servers:
Simple Email Server: pop3, smtp, calendar, to do list
MS Exchange: MS exchange:
provides more collaboration tools than simple email server: For example, video messages, secure video messaging, video conferencing.
creates the same “in touch”, real time contact that people would have when they sit in the same office together.
Sharepoint Server:
gives us collaborative work flows for Documents:

We started by considering what a Document is.
A fusion of many different kinds of information formats.
(Potential Final Exam Question)
What are the Qualities that Business Software applications and Documents should have:
Shareability: In the MS Office World: this is what we get from the SharePoint Server and other collaboration technologies
Turn information into INSIGHT: Creating information cartographies and topologies (e.g. MindManager, PowerBI)
Collaboration: e.g. Trello

New tools:

Files and the File System
TCP IP and Protocols: Email

Working with Information
Changing information formatting

Let’s start by assessing the Document Metaphor for each MS OFFICE Tool:
Let’s start by acquring some real estate data.
Then we will practice what we have learned to do an analysis and presentation.
Any data you can view in a Table format into HTML: → you can copy/paste into EXCEL
Paste without formati




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