F22 IN4074 PHP website project


step one:
Create a vision statement for your website:
<note: this document will contain example answers and solutions: Delete these from your work: come up with your own ideas. I will denote this example content by using this font coloring>

Peanut’s ecommerce website is your online 1 stop shopping for tools.

Now that you know what your site will sell: Now let’s design our data structure.

Because we must connect our database server to PHP, we will use MYsqL as our database server and design our tables in mysql.

state your use cases here:
To make our eCommerce website work: we must pull data from the database… and use OBJECTS to store and control the data while we run the use cases for our website:
Use case: User can search database for product
Use case: User can put product into shopping cart
Use case: User can complete the purchase by providing payment information and shipping address details.

Version 1 deliverable:
a working mysql database with some tables and database setup and ready for use by our php code.
I will setup Mysql server and workbench.
Start my deinstalling my current mysql.
we need Mysql server: this the server that PHP will connect to read/write data. to connect to sqL Server: we need ip address, user id (admin), password (which you set when you install)
we need sql client: sqL workbench: this is the tool to make the database tables and populate with starter data.

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