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January 29 Class Plan

Quiz 1 Next Week: Review our Study Syllabus and some practice questions
Assignment 1: Work on it right now.

Quiz 1 Study Resources:’

Some concepts you can expect to be Tested about:
Here is a study syllabus I made for a previous term:

Quiz 1 Sample Study Questions:

Be able to discuss / describe:
Use Cases
Business Domain
Be able to explain what we mean, in Systems Analysis, by “BUSINESS DOMAIN”

What qualities, characteristics, attributes does a tool or system need to be an Information System:

Store and Retrieve information in an easy to use format
Provide some Workflows to support us in performing our Business Processes and Goal.

Be able to discuss and explain: What is Unified Process. How do we use it. Why do we use it:
→ UP is a Software Development Methodology: Which means: UP gives us a set of Tools and Heuristics (Thinking Rule) to make a Software IT System System starting from a Set of Requirements.

Read the Materials in this Folder:

Watch this Video on how to describe Unified Process:


Watch my Video on Lexical Analysis:

Week 02

#todo: Quiz 1 is next week FEBRUARY 5: Prepare a Study Syllabus.

#todo: Assignment 1 : We will work on this together in class.

#todo: Post Project Team Lists: Start with Instructor assigning class members to project teams.
#Post Written Instructions for Assignment 1: Both Streams.
2 Versions of Assignment 1:
Java / Database Version : The Technical Stream Version
Written format Version : Non Technical Business Stream: Research Questions
If you think that it would be better to do the Written Format Research Questions because it is less work:
A ZERO grade will be assigned for Plagiarized Work Submissions from Wikipedia or other sources
We are looking for genuine original thinking and ideas based on Class Lecture and your own Research.

Today’s Learning Outcomes
Writing the Simple Java Program
Putting together the Instructions for Assignment 1
Lab and Coding Activities
Java Coding
Creating the Simple MySQL Database

Recap of Last Week
Topic 1: Modeling the Business Domain in UML
Case Study: The Monopoly Game
Learning Outcome: How to describe the Business Domain and the Business Rules and Processes in a Format that other programs can have a shared understanding of? This is the job of UML.
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