Universe Architecture

The Planes

The Ascended is the plane of existence that the gods with the power to create and destroy universes belong to. This plane exists outside of time, as do all gods. This is thought to be a realm classified as heaven, as all those ascend to this realm are immortal, and have dominion over the universes. No one knows how many gods exist within this realm because many gods don’t have interest in the affairs of mortals and universes. Universes with such laws as time and matter were created as demonstrations of power and sport.

The Universal Realms
There is the world of Cronos which exists in one of many universes, and is where this story begins but there are more universe with different sets of rules.

There are three main universes in this story though that doesn’t mean there aren’t more out there. All the universes are on similar planes of existence and have similar rules of nature, with gods and demi gods maintaining order of these rules. Some of the demi gods were created and imbedded with the universe and then there’s a god or multiple gods from the Ascension that created the universe.

The After life Realm

Some gods from the Ascension create entangled realms with beings souls able to transfer to other realms and even universes. Each universe has their own set of rules for afterlife and there some universes where there is no afterlife. Those beings souls cease to exist after their physical body dies, they can still jump to different realms if there is some intervention from a demi god or god.

The Infinite game

The infinite game also known as
is the path created by the gods as a hidden back door for mortals to ascend to their realm of existence. Once you become a god your existence and immortality is no longer in question or fathomable, you become a being outside the realm of time.

Earth is missing the back door to the game

the Old universe has more awareness of the game, but ever since death was abolished and dissembled, their key to ascension was lost forever. Death and life is the key to getting in the door.

since the beings from the old universe are trapped in a nightmare of their own making, they have been playing the roles of gods with the other universe, since this younger universe doesn’t have the same advanced knowledge and power they revere them as gods. The main antagonists of the story are trying to use this universe as a backup back door, though so far have unsuccessful in finding it once they crossed over. Not fully being as powerful as they were in their universe, they lacked the power resources to find the door. Little do they know that the gods choose who gets to play the infinite game. After failing and trying over they slowly are on the look out for those chosen to play in the infinite game, hoping to hitch a ride to ascension.

they explain merging of beings, lack of life creation
so they hacked the other universe to evolve and play god

God that enlightened got banished from the realm

Main Universe Overview

The world of Agea is on a planet that has stopped moving around its star the Sun, in fact its stopped moving at all. Agea has been frozen in one place in space no longer orbiting the Sun nor rotating on its axis. On one side Agea is being scorched in constant light from the Sun while the other side of the planet has been shrouded in darkness with a never night with the stars always in view. As a consequence to this mysterious happening the races of Agea have had to adept over the last 5 thousand years. So drastic was the change that a large handful of species became unable adapt and grew to extinction. The Sun dried out oceans and rivers, the winds raged out of balance causing great storms, cities were flooded thousands of people died. Only after a thousand years did the world start to calm into a new balance of nature.

Agea is world of magic full of man, elves, dwarves, and other magical creatures. ancient kingdoms lie in ruins while new ones are being built. With many family's with rich history and long lineage's the world is full of warring nations with kings and queens ruling their lands. Since the age of the Crystal with the world frozen in space, the human race has found haven in the lands with light and the sun finding it easiest to adapt there. The elves being the most in tune with the use of magic and nature took to the the darkness and areas where the moon's light shines brightest. The dwarves accustomed to living beneath the surface due to their talent of shaping earth with great power, were less affected by to natures great shifting. There are cities and kingdoms all over the world that people of all races call home. The elves focus on their magic and rarely declare war though they are a rough and fairly violent people. Humans have shorter lifespans and multiply rapidly. dwarves live twice as long to around 200 years and the elves live to be around 600 though they dont let the other races know exactly how long they can live and keep it a mystery the age of an elf is always a vague subject. their are many types of magic they usually differ from clan to clan though there is a very common magic that most clans all have in common. the mixing of technology and magic is its elementary stages and often crude and ineffective though the elves are profficeint at incorporating magic into everyday life. the dwarves seldom use magic except in their huge and powerful machinery.

There once were gods that walked among mortals on the earth. Being of supernatural mystery they were sought after worshipped and followed. Full of wisdom and power they were said to have appeared in great times of need. Thousands of years have past and in their absence the races have let their existence fade to myth. Few mortals know the truth, that they are just mortals from another universe thats collided into theirs. Their race is highly evolved and the secrets of their older universe have all been answered.

Magic Overview

Magic is the art of using the mind to control energy. It’s a gift that all are able to do yet genetics, practice, and talent all come into play. In some cultures it’s highly prioritized, while others technology is more integrated.

In order to control energy to manipulate matter, one has to spend energy. the amount of energy however depends on how well the mind's trained and the willpower of the magic user. like all things some people have more talent than others and some train harder than others.

Affects on the body
When the muscles in your body are stretched exercised and ripped they build back stronger. The materials they use are the proteins in the food you eat, and this process is fueled by the carbohydrates from the food you eat. If you have no food or stored up energy your body uses your fat as fuel. However when one uses Magic only your mind is being exercised so your muscles arent doing the work unless they are involved with the spell. But energy is still being spent and therefore you still need fuel. The art of magic burns a different fuel for its energy it uses the proteins and fibers as fuel instead. So if the user does not eat enough protein to store up the the magic started to burn the muscle leaving the fat behind. In conclusion if you use magic too much without the proper amount of protein you lose muscle mass making you physically weak. A lot of magic users eat a high protein diet to use as fuel.

Magic Technique

There are a variety of techniques and mediums of magic and the world is exploring the art.

The most common forms of magic in everyday use are either low in power or drawn with a symbol to help the user perform the spell in their mind. All magic is mental and is performed in the persons inner eye, the space between thought and action.

Sourcing is how you draw energy for magic. The most simple and innate technique is to draw from one's own body as you have a innate understanding of your own body. Through study and practice magic users can draw energy from external sources and use objects to source power for magic, even using energy from other people.

The act of controlling magic takes a certain amount of self identification, the stronger your awareness of self apart of the whole. The less vulnerable you are to outward influence. It’s a measurement of subconscious magic ability. Almost as if it’s a spell you are consistently casting.

Magic energy can stored in all sorts of matter. Crafting is the art of creating magical objects, sometimes integrated with technology for even more advanced effects.

Magic requires mental image of maic symbol equation and/or language of the spell.
Symbols only affect those who understand its meaning.
the better the inner eye's image mental focus determines the efficiency of the spell
Most forms of magic take alot concentration rendering the user immobile.
With the exception of the low level magic the average citizen uses on a daily basis.

True human wizards are rare and the age of the wizards is gone. Very few have the wizards mark and the order of the wizard is known to very very. "technology" is the way of the world though its around 16th century level.

The races with longer lifespans are typically better mages as they can spend more time perfecting their craft by meditation and memorization.

Magic Applications

Image destination projection- remembering specific placed by assigning sights (reference battlestar)
Black rain
Mirrors to see and trap
Fog and windows used to write spells

Magic fusion Explosion
- by character not decided
Magical explosion loss of control
Growing plants
Turn people into animal

Eyes that change color with magic belonging to creatures of pure magic.

The Gods

While there are beings from other dimensions with certain abilities that appear to make them all powerful. This does not make them gods though some might be classified as Demi gods.

The true defining characteristics of a god is the ability to fully ascend beyond time. The ability to freely manipulate time at will earns them the title of a god.

Demi gods are typically being that have been blessed with god like powers or have inherited them by genetics

Landscapes n Cities

Some nicer cities use modern human type architecture.

Western type buildings towards the north
Samurai champloo buildings

A lot of the towns have the "ramen" shop style bars with the cooks hanging fabric at head level

Tribal village has a caste system where the more wealthy have a lot of tattoos

The State of the World

Thousands of years ago the world of Cronos universe has collided with another universe on another dimension. The affects are impossible to detect yet the fabrics of the universe have been torn and the two universes have come in contact of each others existence. This was the catalyst for the state of chaos the world of Cronos is in.

Years later, being stopped by his own kind, Onu who is a being from a different universe attempts to grasp control one last time by manipulating the elven guardians who were most proficient in the magical arts. The spell fails miserably and sets the planet frozen in orbit and throws nature and the spirits run to seclusion. The planet suffers massive deaths and apocalyptic weather conditions the world has to take hundreds of years to adapt and live in this new world of chaos.

desert areas have alot of grand canyon aspects to it. plant shutters for giving the plants time to cool down. the planet is dying slowly. wells are dug in desert.

dwarves create underground island with elves and at night if you look close enough you can see that the sky is actually stones. but the moon rises and looks just like the real moon. but is always full.

alot of areas on the earth have dangerous peaks and deep cracks in the ground where the ocean used to be. the weather storms are dangerous because theres more water in the air. so a single storm can cause multiple tornados and level whole towns.

some parts of the planet are occupied by stormy weather at all times.

some of the cities are on top of the cliffs and plateu while the sea meets the town in a cave.

Agea history of the 'happening' (why its in the current "peril")

Thousands of years ago the world of Agea's universe has collided with another universe on another dimension. The affects are impossible to detect yet the fabrics of the universe have been torn and the two universes have come in contact of each others existence. The beings from the older universe have tapped into communicating and contacting the the world of Agea and are viewed as gods.

One being in particular decides he wants to make Agea, in the younger universe, his new home, doing so Onu assumes the position of ruler of the realm. He gathers a following and soon raises an army. Manipulating all the races he soon starts taking too much control and killing all those near him friends and foe. His fellow universe hoppers decide to take action and two siblings actually come to the universe of Agea in person. They gather up those willing to fight and put an end to Onu's rule. For thousands of years there is peace as Onu was stopped and the two siblings gave the power back to the people.

This is a quick sketch of the unbalanced world with the sun erroding one side of the planet while freezing the other.
Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 8.30.20 PM.png

In Ancient Agea there were 5 chosen elves to guard the lands of the elves. One of them was actually a being from the other universe disguised as an elf. He had been one of the heros who helped put a stop to Onu's reign of terror. These chosen ones were in authority to keep the peace between the elven clans because of their power with the magical arts. Unknowingly they became corrupted by Onu yet were totally unaware of his existence. The three that were corrupted devised a spell. A spell with a great cost, drawing power from the elves most precious artifacts. The spell was meant to give them dominion over matter and time. Something goes wrong, nero and nether show up and save the world and divert the power but with a costly consequence causing the world to come to a stand still. Responsible for the world's new crisis, the three deadly guardians plan to silence all those who know of their failure. killing all members close to them and framing the human wizards of the north. All thats left is to silence the other two members of their group. Elunios, the leader of the group sees this coming and prepares for the ultimate showdown. before the epic battle he hides Eloithis, his most trusted student and the other member of the 5, in a spell that will hide him from the world til awakened by his sister who is nowhere on the planet. Then after Eloithis is safe Elunios faces the 3 corrupt guardians killing them as he himself is destroyed. Ultimately their plan succeeds in that their tracks were covered and no one is sure what happened and why.

Eloithis being a wizard of the highest order is stuck in a state of mind in his own body that has been frozen in time. He magically scries and watches the world play out for nearly a thousand years. Though his body is immobile his mind is ever present all around the world. His brain starts to go a little mad over the years, his morals and beliefs begin to change threatening to change him beyond a point of no return. He watches the world's nature turn on its inhabitants killing thousands upon thousands in natural disasters. he waits and waits trying to keep tabs on Onu who he knows is the true evil in the world, though tracking him is hard without the use of his body. He sees the coming and going of Eliani, Elunios' sister who is not of this universe either. He doesn't know why she doesn't release him until he figures out she has chosen to have Kane release him, for he has all the answers Kane needs and Kane has the power to stop Onu once and for all. Something unexpected happens and he is released from his state, but not by Kane. Eloithis is released prematurely by a group of thieves and can't handle the shock of being released so apruptly with his madness having a strong grip on him. His mind is split into pieces and he loses focus constantly and battles his mind while trying to stop Onu on his own. He lashes out at those who stand in his way and then disappears.


1. Town near the dusk made nice by a mysterious elv passing thru. Use towers to bend light so it appears as if its noon.

2.city harbour near midafternoon. Very busy and growing city. Young town full of hope and hustle. Lots of docks and trade by water. Known for their busy markets and speedy boats.

3. City on the ocean by dusk. Known for being shady and rough. Has weird traditions that have a pirate lifestyle theme.

4. City in the midlands near midafternoon known as the central commons city. Has a lot of tall buildings and a strong militia. Closest thing the continent has to a government, settles foreign affairs and communicates with the cities of night.

5. City in between two mountains. Was once a grand city until after the war. Occupied by mainly monks and older generations. Human city with low manpower. They trade mainly relics and grow crops.

6. town out in the wild west. Tough town with little vegetation. Known for mining certain rare minerals. Human city that distrusts all magic. Raise alot cattle.

7. Darv city under a mountain. Less affected by the happening and is a strong and massive power. Highly mechanical and advanced with machines powered by magic. The elves assist to make it a utopia that gives an illusion of pre-happening days.

8. City halfway underwater. The majority of the town resides on the upper levels of the mountain. The artichecture is out of context for a city on the water but locals have adapted it to match their needs.

9. theres a city in a mountain where tge ocean has swallowed up the lower half of the mountain. its like an island of mostly nothing but a rock with a city carved into it. they fish alot.

Elven Clans

The elves has the great family's and the clans act as powerful organizations. Their are a few eleven cities that the family's are constantly having turf wars over. Each family acts as a Mafia. They have their internal disputes but overall when another race interferes the elves work together to shut down any oncoming threat. Dwarves have made the mistake of thinking the elves were too divided to stand against a full blown attack, but they were mistaken and learned they're lesson. The elves have an excessive amount of moral code tho they don't display it, to an outsider they appear lawless. For an elf to achieve the title of an assassin or make a name for themselves as a great warrior they would have to kill many figures of great importance who are accomplished warriors themselves.

Dwarves won the war with huge magic cannons and axes

Dwarves won the war with huge magic cannons and axes they use gems and metals to load their magic as shells yet are unware that wood can hold and conduct over the amount of power

This is the root of a large portion of humans not trusting in magic anymore.

More setting info

The dwarves invented a underground city that appears to be above the ground thru the use of machinery and magic they have it nearly perfected. they allow highly esteemed elves and welcome the skills the elves provide. though certain elves know of it most elves never hear of it for it is kept a secret. and even fewer humans have ever been permitted inside.

In some of the human countries its not uncommon to find large cities of dwarves elves and human coexisting and some actually mate interracially tho to mix races is still rare and thought to be extreme and the offspring are often alienated. these cities are the cultural "melting pots" and have interesting new cultures develop as a result of the mixing of the races in one city. these cities are referred to as "the commons" meaning common ground for all races and origins.

The cloudians have a higher understanding of logic and Magic is just a scientific art. but in their world everything is more absolute, things like mistakes dont happen and relationship doesnt really happen except through opposites because the more similiar their perspectives are they forcibly merge. Few Cloudians of darkness tried to escape this process of merging by coming to golidan where they can put off the Merging. because of the Merging their world has become less populated and the few beings left are powerful yet they try to keep their individualism by obsessing over unique values looks and locations. Location in their world is easier to manipulate which they can do at thought. manipulation of matter is no longer a difficult task in their universe. They've explored every aspect of their universe since time is just an object of matter and can be destroyed reduced increased or manipulated. Therefore there is no such thing as aging or death. some lazy or tired or suicidal beings merge on purpose so they can achieve their only version of "death" or "eternal rest" where they reach a state of permanent sub-consciousness or coma. They are an older universe that somehow came into contact with Golidan universe though its a result of Golidan's ancient wizards and sheer luck through aligning a perfect set circumstances. The Cloudians Superior in all knowledge and magic are better at the science of crossing in between universes. There are 3 beings that started the Merge to spite God. They have the only key to end the Merging. They often use clouds as mediums to contact crossover or deliver to Golidan.

The others from the universe see space as white and stars as black like a negative affect.

Human Kingdoms

Kingdoms with highly armoured lordship type systems with peasants and knights. Yet not poverty stricken
Humans are short lived and big on entertainment shows and the honor of battle and are war hungry. Most kingdoms have elite forces as well as large ground armies

Plot Background Piece

They killed Nero - death, so now Nether - life won't show up and create offspring for them.
Now in a world with no death they are trapped in their own dimension with no way out. Wiping existence is the only way out but that's not the same as death and is far more gruesome. It became a disease that almost spread til someone figured the cause.
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