Crooks synopsis Cheesy Trailer

In a world where the sun in the sky stays still, the age of seasons has ended. Days no longer measured by the light and darkness. The sun scorches one side of the planet for day in and day out. The rest of the world is kept in permanent darkness. Balance is lost with a foreign threat lurking in the dark corners of the earth. Guided by beings not of this world, a band of heroes must come together to stop evils both close and far. Kane, a young man who is more than he seems, must discover the greatest conspiracy plaguing his world. Will he stop it in time or will he choose to stop it at all? Osiris, an orphan with a dark past, desperate for glory must leave everything he knows to help those in need. Aryes a member of the royal family must forsake her family to save the world. Vika, a girl from another universe must follow the path to discover why she is here. Tathis a wise wizard from the desert must guide Kane to become the hero the world needs. All of them must work together, for apart they will fail.

magical being that is intangible. Elothinis dies at the hand of Onu's pet though doesn't really die just goes to the other universe, trapped powerless.

Random Plot Info

Opens on Moon Mage escaping with artifact Gunslinger is compass and is compelled thru visions to seek others out. Heads out towards wizard to the North. All members have the mark. the all get mark "scars" that later get tattooed
Gunslinger Mother is friends (actually sister) with Cloudian Goddess.
Gunner and Barbarian go asking questions at a bar get attacked afterwards by a faceless and barely escape. Old man wizard wants to research at a tower. New information is obtained. One reason gunslinger goes to desert is because random killings and disappearances are happening in his hometown and his father encourages him to leave. A faceless follows him to the Old wizards village and attacks them. Old wizard and gunslinger barely escape because of home advantages. they decide to to the popular human city. Also opening scene includes cityslicker falling from a building a futuristic world.

The crooks gang meetings

Gunslinger and wizard have bountys as warrior and wizard gang yet the public gets it wrong and switches the roles thinking the gunslinger is the wizard and the wizard is the warrior. This helps them in battles against bounty hunter types

Future girl fights gunslinger for a while and almost kills him

They all have to meet together in the tomb of the ancient mage and then the elf girl comes and makes it complete where they come in contact with the cloudian woman that Kanes been seeing in his dreams (Kane is actually half cloudian without knowing it) the elf girl had been seeing Kane in her dreams and being sensitive to magic she found him just as they entered the tomb near her village

The Infinite game

The infinite game also known as
is the path created by the gods as a hidden back door for mortals to ascend to their realm of existence. Once you become a god your existence and immortality is no longer in question or fathomable, you become a being outside the realm of time.

Earth is missing the back door to the game

the Old universe has more awareness of the game, but ever since death was abolished and dissembled, their key to ascension was lost forever. Death and life is the key to getting in the door.

since the beings from the old universe are trapped in a nightmare of their own making, they have been playing the roles of gods with the other universe, since this younger universe doesn’t have the same advanced knowledge and power they revere them as gods. The main antagonists of the story are trying to use this universe as a backup back door, though so far have unsuccessful in finding it once they crossed over. Not fully being as powerful as they were in their universe, they lacked the power resources to find the door. Little do they know that the gods choose who gets to play the infinite game. After failing and trying over they slowly are on the look out for those chosen to play in the infinite game, hoping to hitch a ride to ascension.

they explain merging of beings, lack of life creation
so they hacked the other universe to evolve and play god

God that enlightened got banished from the realm
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