Quick intro to Crooks

What is Crooks?

Crooks is a story written to provoke thought and promote understanding. To eliminate barriers of illustration and imagination, the use of animation as a medium will enable the audience to dive into a completely foreign world yet connect with very relatable truths. With a blend of different story telling techniques and art styles we hope to produce such high quality material that will demand attention from a large diverse audience.

The Japanese animation industry is quickly evolving into one of the most widespread influential mediums for cinema and story telling. Our plan is to make our own adaptation of the styles and techniques and integrate them into other styles to best suit an international market, giving it a more approachable look and feel with western and eastern cultures.


This isn't a story about the underdog. This isn't a story about a hero. This is the story about the idea of a journey. What makes one desire to evolve. The use of power when in possession. The illusion of control. The heart desires evil but who made it that way? Kane searches for the one answer to something he forgot he asked. Why does the universe answer him when he calls and who is answering?

When your ancestors have made plans for you since the before you were born, do you rebel out of principle? Why can’t what you want benefit others too? Where does the pressure for heroic deeds come from? how does one escape the labyrinth of loneliness? Is the key to feeling fulfilled actually within our reach? Is time our closest friend or our most horrific enemy? Join 5 crooks as they search for the answers that we’re all in need of.

Kane has never known his mother, plagued by visions of late he sets out to find her to learn more about himself and who he is. With his powers starting to manifest and his father no longer able to give him the information he needs he must leave his home in search.

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