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Kane Dancing Scene

There is a scene where Kane dances with a random girl in the festival that makes Vika jealous. She plays it cool and acts like she doesn’t care. Kane ends up dancing with the wrong girl and it starts a brawl. And Vika just watches and chuckles while Kanes takes them all on. Osiris steps in and everyone stops fighting after he takes the boyfriends face and slams it into the mud. Then the girl takes a liking to Osiris and Kane shrugs smirks and gets some food. Meanwhile Vika was gathering info on the guys that had been stalking them. Although she was not aware that Kane was too, and the brawl was just a diversion to see how the stalkers react. The stalkers don’t react except to change outfits. Vika uses the distraction to lift something off a stalker.

Vika is very cold cool and collected. She never lets her down, especially emotionally. Yet what she says isn’t necessarily true, but she isn't as secure as one might think. She cries a lot tho no one would ever guess. She doesn’t work well with others. She's always there to prove herself but acts like it isn’t a big deal.

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