The credits

The credits will be all different and unique showing a glimpse into the past of the other universe dying and it’s wars it’s going a very vague and trippy experience which makes sense given that it’s beings incapable of dying and controlling matter with their minds.

A Glimpse

Planet Golidan has stopped moving around its sun, in fact its stopped moving at all. its moon enhanced by the ancient mages still orbits Golidan acting as a star that helps all the creatures tell the time wether it be time of the day or day of the month. there are three main races on Golidan with other races either almost extinct or merely myth. Dwarves Elves and Humans rule all the lands. With Golidan no longer moving the sun shines on only half of the planet at all times. The dwarves live underground mostly therefore they are spread out all along the lands. the humans being the most populated race have chosen to reside mainly in the daylit areas tho not in the desert land closest to the sun. the elves skilled in magic have adapted to the side of the earth where the moon is most frequent. these are just the main stereotypes it is common to see any of the races anywhere. especially the dwarves who dominate most of the world though they keep to themselves so you would rarely know it. There is another dimension that the mortals refer to as CLOUD (because they tend to appear thru the clouds or smoke) there are beings in this dimension that are attributed to god's and have "supernatural" abilities and can defy "logic and reason" these "gods" are somehow connected yet are not easily accessible.. some are good and others have selfish notions. in our story the dwarves and the humans have just finished warring and the humans did not recover as well as the dwarves, who are superior in their technology and mechanics. The elves focus on their magic and rarely declare war though they are a rough and fairly violent people. Humans have shorter lifespans and multiply rapidly. dwarves live twice as long to around 200 years and the elves live to be around 600 though they dont let the other races know exactly how long they can live and keep it a mystery the age of an elf is always a vague subject. their are many types of magic they usually differ from clan to clan though there is a very common magic that most clans all have in common. the mixing of technology and magic is its elementary stages and often crude and ineffective though the elves are proficient at incorporating magic into everyday life. the dwarves seldom use magic except in their huge and powerful machinery.

The dwarves invented a underground city that appears to be above the ground thru the use of machinery and magic they have it nearly perfected. they allow highly esteemed elves and welcome the skills the elves provide. though certain elves know of it most elves never hear of it for it is kept a secret. and even fewer humans have ever been permitted inside.

In some of the human countries its not uncommon to find large cities of dwarves elves and human coexisting and some actually mate interracially tho to mix races is still rare and thought to be extreme and the offspring are often alienated. these cities are the cultural "melting pots" and have interesting new cultures develop as a result of the mixing of the races in one city. these cities are referred to as "the commons" meaning common ground for all races and origins.

Onu’s solution

There is no best solution just different ones.
Onu wants to fix the world. So his world will be healthy when he takes it over.
Create false truths making lead characters aid the wrong side..


The term for a character that can do impossible things.

Kane meets a character that is paranoid and made of magic and therefore does not not need oxygen to breathe. Kane's void is a safe haven for this creature developing a pet and owner type of relationship. the creature is unnaturally strong, looks and moves like ink with bones and yellow eyes.

Creatures of magic made self aware are dangerous

They have no master are extremely hard to destroy. Pure energy that can learn magic draw their power from nature. Usually originated from specific spells and elements. One in particular becomes a lead antagonist blending in with humans who are the mist magically ignorant

Dark energy

In voids there is energy without form. They are the magic of nothingness yet affect anything

Magic detail

Desert South region is barren and little magic is used.
this wasteland has a wild wild west feel to it.
lots of mining towns and kind of considered backwards or third worldly. Wizards eat alot but normall dont gain muscle

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