Peters Platform

incentives to renewable energy
no subsidies for non-renewable energy
disincentives to global warming producers and non-renewables
Inovation change ( Dan Breznitz)
Dissolve provincial lotteries
Privatize alcohol sales
Ban tipping
public car share service & e-bike and e-scooter
The government should incentivize co-ops as an alternate structure for publicly traded companies that focus solely on shareholder value at the expense of the other four stakeholders: customers, suppliers, employees, and the community by incentivizing co-ops, we combine the shareholder and customer. This will incentives good works
Nationalize most forms of insurance
Basic minimum income with a negative income tax
Remove all tax deductions.
Tax religious organizations like any other charity
Restrict foreign ownership of business and real-estate
Increase tax on capital, reduce taxes on labour
Ready return tax filing
Nationalize and consolidate all provincial health ministries into a single federal agency to reduce redundancy
Decrimilaize drugs and provide support for those who are addicted (Portugal model)
the influence of capital on our legal and political systems undermine its effectiveness for progress. regulatory capture and the high cost of our legal system are just two examples
Participatory budgeting
Entirely publicly funded elections
proportional representation with ranked ballot voting
renegotiate native rights so all people in Canada have the same rights
Government should not only encourage equality but actively dismantle and discourage forms of hierarchy
Unchecked power crates corruption so government should create systems that are circular in nature to balance the corrupting influence of power
Free public education
Disincentives to private education
make public school facility more useful by doing before and after school care in the schools after school programs and education and sport facilities utilized more broadly by the whole community
• year round 4 semesters with two week off between each
• all school facilities open from 7-11
• all curriculum online
Kids learning groups based on interest and ability not age
Feed kids at school with food prepared at the school served at the table on dishes with other students (France Model)
public daycare
foster care reform so no one is kicked out because of age but rather by need
Reform police so they can fail more gracefully.
Demilitarize them to be more like public health services
Hierarchy causes abuse
the more rigid the hierarchy and the greater the abuse
no uniforms. in-fact we want to encourage multi-forms to personalize police
Legalize and regulate sex workers and support to eliminate trafficking and abuse
Deal with the the public unrealistic views about safety and security
Prison reform
Incarceration as we practice it in Canada causes harm
When some one is found guilty of a crime our response should be guided by these goals
Prevention of reoffending
Reparation for victims
Costs to society
Harm prevention for the perpetrator
Hierarchy of motivation to prevent criminal behaviour:
Promote No-till carbon sequestration in the soil
Ban pesticides
Reduce fossil fuel based fertilizers encourage compost based fertilizers
National broadband wireless internet Provider as a public service across the whole country
Net neutrality
Gradually reduce copyright patent and trade mark legislation increase fair use with goal of eventually eliminating them
Open source file formats
Public Open source OS
Government should create and incentivize public goods that individuals and business cannot or will not do for themselves
leadership is toxic. plan all your goals before getting into power then set a point that is measurable and attainable for when you step away

Myths vs Truths
Myth: The free market.
Truth: Only a well regulate market can function with out corruption.
Myth: Military power is the most effective way to bring about change:
Truth: None violent collective action is statistically more effective than violent insurrection to overthrow repressive regimes
Myth: Hard work gets results and happiness:
Truth: hard work results in fatigue, only meaningful work brings happiness
Myth: Motivation comes before success
Truth: success brings motivation
Myth: Talent is a prerequisite for success:
Truth: Talent is not required for success
Myth: opportunities are equally distributed.
Truth: opportunities are available based on your wealth power and status
Myth : Opportunity is abundant and talent is rare.
Truth: Talent is ubiquitous and opportunity is rare
Myth: Meritocracy
Truth: Plutocracy
Myth: success is avoiding failure.
Truth: Success is an ongoing process of experiencing iterative failures
Myth: hierarchies are inevitable, natural, normal
Truth: Hierarchies are social constructs maintained by those that benefit from them
Myth: IP law is required for people to profit off their creativity.
Truth: Copying is the root of all creativity
Myth: your worth is determined by your productivity
Truth: you are inherently worthy
Myth: the virtue of suffering or anything good requires sacrifice.
Myth Profit is the most important measurement of business success.
Truth: Profit is waste. business success is measured by the success of all five business stakeholders: Employees, Suppliers, Customers, the state & environment, Owners
Myth: left wing government is fiscally weak .
Truth: left wing government fiscally out perform middle and right wing administration consistently
Myth: the government controls gas prices.
Truth: Wall Street sets oil prices

Happiness doesn’t follow success: it’s the other way round
that new energy systems need to be profitable when other public goods don’t like the military or roads
capitalism is a tool of the upper class designed to keep people struggling, oppressed and docile
war on drugs
conservatives are not conservative they are just cowards afraid of change
conservatives often refuse to admit that Luck is a significant factor in their success.
capitalism emerged from a state of violence.

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