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Bath Review Notes
Midnight Storm, Champagne Travertine and Windstorm Marble No longer available OCTOBER 1ST
Any job sold 10/2 or after If job is sold with customer building walls put on hold to sales manager w/ Project out of scope error code

Ignore the tiny trim at the ceiling of trailers (rarely you will see 1/4 round in houses, that is treated the same). Installers
remove it. Run the walls to ceiling.
Window job on WO - Change job type to SB/WD, change job status to Schedule Pre-Installation, and make sure actions/attempts are correct. Thanks!
Oversized pan w/ custom drain location check in IPAD
Make sure job contact & address are same in Work Order.
ALWAYS check the chatter before starting review. If there is a chatter that we’re pulling material/job from stock, please make an ordering note *Pulling material from stock, see chatter. DO NOT allocate/no job material, leave it for ordering.
Click Electric Needed checkbox under contact information for jobs we send for Pre-Install that will need an electrician.
We cannot install a shower door on a Barrier Free pan. We can install a shower door on a Low Barrier pan (BCI).
If customer is building wall(s) prior to install, please confirm with Install Manager if he wants a Pre-Install before moving job forward.
Need change order if we’re changing base size (width or length) by 3” or more.
Make sure you are double checking that the tiering transfers to the job page, especially when you have to delete you measure sheet to make changes and reupload.
Toilet code: front of threshold must be at least 15” to center of toilet.
Document any convo with DC, Sales Manager, Install Manager in measure sheet, fail job, and chatter if necessary.
No moving drain in condo/apartments.
Click “Condo Water Shutoff Required” box when required and make an Install Note as well.
Let me know when you review a job where bathroom is on 4th floor or higher in condo/apartment.
Tub sunken in floor - project is out of scope, put job on hold to sales manager using Project Out of Scope error code.
Octagon/Hexagon Window ATLANTA Only: Can get a composite window casing and can wrap the inside of the jamb with scrap acrylic. Make sure there will be enough leftover acrylic from walls to wrap window jamb. Have DC upload change order.
Call or support attempt Install Manager when there is an Octagon Window in wet space to determine what material is needed in all other regions
Reminder: If a DC requests a pre-install in work order or chatter we should be confirming with Install Manager on whether we should set one up or not. Do not complete review without confirming with Install Manager
When there is an arched window in wet space and DC sells a window kit, we can get moldable trim to finish the window but only in White. Window kit will account for cost of trim. Add White thick acrylic with “No-Job” and 0.25 quantity to sales order.
Make Order note in measure sheet “Replacing Window kit with moldable trim & White thick acrylic”.
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