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Bath Review Notes
Process Specific
Base corner for all Tampa jobs.
Send me ceiling height discrepancy jobs (include DC and Region).
Click “Condo Water Shutoff Required” box when bathroom in condo/apartment and make an Install Note as well.
Click Electric Needed checkbox under contact information for jobs we send for Pre-Install that will need an electrician (removing jetted tub, installing jetted WIT, moving electric out of wet area).
Make sure job contact & address match the contract.
Keep an eye out for jobs where DC sold a shower door, but there’s a window in wet space on right- or left-wing wall that would keep us from being able to install door.
Anytime we’re decreasing pan/tub size, send chatter to DC so he can make customer aware of change. Add me or Rob to chatter.
Don’t forget to use error codes when failing attempts: Missing Pictures, Pan or Tub Size Needs Changed, Incorrect Door Size, Dimensions Reversed In Work Order, Base Size Not Within Toilet Code, Ceiling Panel Needed, etc.
No 60” Mounted Rods, change to 72” or 84” depending on pan size.
Send all out of scope and jobs oversold/undersold to me or Rob.
Wall Colors that CANNOT be turned sideways: Granite River, Coastal Sands, Seaside, & Marble Cove
Utilize Sketch-a-Bath tool for all Double Threshold & close dimension pans. Please ask me or Rob if unsure of threshold orientation.
If there are note(s) in WO about structural damage, leak, subfloor damage, or you see floor and/or walls have a lot of mold or damage call/put on hold to install manager. Escalate to me or Rob when you a think a pre-install is needed.
We cannot install a shower door on a Barrier Free pan (Bathwraps). We can install a shower door on a Low Barrier pan (BCI).
Be cautious of increasing length when bathroom in a basement or when fiberglass in buried into wall (could be concrete walls). Pre-Install needed for basement jobs when full wall removal sold.
Always want to keep pan standard size for both Bathwraps & BCI when possible, so material can be pulled from stock.
Knoxville uses a standard window kit to finish Octagon windows.
Dallas does not finish Arched windows. Walls will stop at height below window with blunted bends, advise DC.
Tampa uses extra acrylic from wing walls and/or soap wall, wall corners, & thick acrylic in place of window kit OR if not enough leftover acrylic add wing wall in place of window kit for Arched windows.

Using SR-45 & SR-60 for custom drain pans only.
XL Wing Walls (43X103) & XL Soap Walls (69X102) are being added to LEAP. Will update once rolled out.

Herringbone or Hexagonal patterned walls have to be FLAT, describe your bends in Install Notes and/or Order Notes.
Flagstone patterned walls need upgraded to oversized (soap walls) when pan width is 34” or wider OR when covering 36” or more of wall scarring.
Use custom generic part number when custom drain pan is sold (Ask me or Rob for correct part #).

*Please switch the below sizes and drain locations from BCI foam to BCI fiberglass (part numbers listed below) when a shower door is sold.
Available in Almond, Biscuit, Grey, and Sandbar.
RB-6030-L-W (W30 x L60) RB-6030-R-W (W30 x L60)
RB-6030-C-W (W30 x L60) RB-6032-R-W (W32 x L60)
RB-6032-L-W (W32 x L60) RB-3232-C-W (W32 x L32)
RB-4832-C-W (W32 x L48) RB-3636-C-W (W36 x L36)
RB-6034-C-W (W34 x L60) RB-4834-C-W (W34 x L48)
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