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This financial tracker is designed to help you efficiently manage and organize your personal finances. It offers comprehensive features such as Debts management, Subscriptions tracking, a Wish List for future purchases, and detailed Accounts monitoring. Each section provides specific tools and automations to streamline your financial tasks, ensuring you stay on top of your money matters.
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How it works
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💸 Transactions
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🔄 Subscriptions
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🫴 Debts
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💟 Wish List
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🗃 Accounts
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❓ Other

I developed this project as part of my Coda Doctorate program to showcase the technical capabilities of Coda and demonstrate my proficiency with this tool. The goal was to create a comprehensive document resembling a full-fledged application, optimized for mobile devices. Leveraging buttons, automations, numerous formulas, and what I believe to be appealing graphics, I aimed to simulate a seamless user experience akin to using an actual app.
While I believe it turned out well, the ultimate judgment lies with you. I hope you find it useful — feel free to use it to its fullest. Connect with me on LinkedIn if you'd like to discuss this project further or have any feedback to share.

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