Lead Developer @ Time-Lapse Systems
November 2018 - Present

I was initially hired to support the development of a new web platform to be used internally and by purchasers of the company’s camera systems, replacing and replicating a confusing array of third party tools and adding new functionality. I immediately became responsible for the entire project, allowing the existing developer to focus on hardware and firmware improvements.

Since the developer responsible for hardware left at the end of 2019, I have taken responsibility for the hardware specification and development of firmware for a new high end commercial product which is nearing completion after only 6 months.

Alongside my day-to-day development tasks, I also support the technicians who build and maintain the systems out in the field, and use my marketing skills and experience to perform an active role in supporting the web and marketing teams promoting existing products and services, with recent work helping to increase the quarterly growth of organic website traffic from 20% to nearly 70%, allowing the company to reduce spend on advertising whilst still increasing the volume of new business.

During the past year and a half, I have also built an entirely new intranet and project / sales / engineering management platform used by everyone in the business, replacing other bespoke legacy applications, third party tools and spreadsheets. And I am now an administrator of critical business software including things like Office 365, Google Cloud, Password Management Software, Telephony Systems and Networking.

Web / MRP Developer & CAD Technician @ Bluestar Products
April 2018 - November 2018

During my brief time here, I configured a custom manufacturing resource planning solution to replace old spreadsheets and paper based documents. This was after being hired to design and develop a new website with e-commerce functionality to sell, which I started, but ended up supporting the business’s CAD engineer in producing dozens of 3D models and technical specifications for bespoke stillages and associated products used by the likes of JCB and Jaguar Land Rover for transporting parts and use in production lines.

I left this job to find somewhere I could do the development role I had initially intended and expected.

Marketing & Business Development Manager @ Lawcomm Solicitors
February 2016 - April 2018

As my first professional role performing marketing and development, I joined Lawcomm as a (the only) marketing executive tasked with building a new website and devising an improved marketing strategy, thanks to my new self-taught marketing skills and knowledge (see for more info).

In my first year, alongside building the new website (which increased visitors by 300% within 12 months of launch) I introduced a new quoting system and automated digital onboarding documents for new conveyancing clients (which included e-signatures and online payments which had never been done before at the company), reducing the average conversion time for 90% of new enquiries from 7 days to less than 24 hours.

During my second year, taking a more prominent role in business development, I supported the Director in building and developing existing relationships with client referral partners, rapidly growing the new build and shared ownership conveyancing team. This growth, the improvement of services and management of client relationships, and the introduction of a new email marketing strategy, helped the business get its first-ever nomination for an industry award, which the business won the following 2 years (First Time Buyer Magazine Award for Best Law Firm for Conveyancing), by attracting more votes from the public than other conveyancing businesses with more than 10 times the customer base and with industry-leading agencies doing their marketing.

It was towards the end of my time at Lawcomm that my interest in development started to take over my focus on marketing. Before I left, I managed the upgrade of the legal case management software, which involved a lot of custom development of workflows and automation that was possible with the new platform. I personally worked alongside the software provider to do all of the staff training (including doing out of hours one-to-one remote sessions with workers in India, that the software company’s trainers were unable to do). It was this process, in addition to my enjoyment of existing web development work, time spent programming integrations with other pieces of third party software, and after spending a lot of my spare time learning how to build web applications, that made me decide to pursue a change in career path, focussed specifically on web development.

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