University of Portsmouth
Higher Diploma of Mathematics
Due to extenuating circumstances, I was unable to complete the third year of a Degree, but most module marks where exams and coursework were not hindered by circumstances were at 1st class level (above 70%).

I primarily studied pure and applied topics including Advanced Analysis (Metric and Topological Spaces), Financial Derivatives and Abstract Algebra. For my final year project, I devised a new formula applicable to the Stamp Collectors Problem whilst analysing data from the simulation (using Python) of a number based gambling game of my own invention, also exploring the dynamics and strategies of participants in Minority Games.

During my second year I acted in the role of school president / head course representative.

Sports Societies
American Football - Portsmouth Destroyers

Sheffield University
1st Year Mathematics
I had to leave Sheffield University before completing the first year of my degree due to exceptional family circumstances.

Technical Services Committee - a group of students that carried out all of the technical preparation and management of union music and theatrical events, including stage management, light and sound engineering, often for globally recognised and rising artists.

Dixons City Academy, Bradford
A in Mathematics
B in Further Mathematics
D in Art

A* in Mathematics, A in Chemistry and Design Technology, 5 Bs (including English Language), 4 Cs and Merit for GNVQ ICT

Sixth Form Further Mathematics Award
Key Stage 4 Science Award

Extra Curricular
Mentored a high achieving student in a lower year taking A-level mathematics exams a year ahead of other pupils in his year.
Competed as a member of the Football, Basketball and Badminton teams.
Invited to Buckingham Palace for an exclusive science show for secondary school students (one person from each school in the region was chosen).
One of 10 students invited to Paris to exhibit Design Technology work at Paris University where I presented an interactive 3D design for a new mobile phone.

St John’s Primary School, Bradford
First pupil to be nominated for 3 years in a row and win 2 years in a row the Academic Achievement Award (the award given to a single pupil in the school each year for the greatest academic achievement).

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