Oscar Yildirim

was born in Vienna, Austria and raised in Sydney by a loving family. By the age of 10, he got his first taste of business when he began working in the family video rental business. He excelled in music and participated in greco-roman wrestling during high school. Having a keen interest in the human body, he was accepted into physiotherapy at the Sydney University. During his time at university he worked a number of jobs including being a fishmonger of all things.
After graduating in 1997, began his career in physiotherapy. By 2018 he had opened a total of 7 clinics and had built a great reputation as a skilled physiotherapist and business operator. He was one of the first physiotherapists in Sydney to operate a truly multidisciplinary allied health clinic that offered the additional health services of podiatry, chiropractic, exercise physiology and massage therapy. He found the ‘physio’ only model to be very tired and limited as far as providing holistic patient care. He recognised that each health profession had their unique strengths and that it was wrong to let ego get in the way of great health outcomes. The reality is, some patients simply responded better to one form of therapy over another. He found out exactly how limited the old model of ‘single’ intervention was, especially when he was struck down with a severe lower back injury that eventually required surgery and a team approach to his recovery.
past clients range from professional athletes to those simply desperate for pain relief and return to function.
With a client list as diverse as his treatment methods, he has regularly worked with young athletes and adults participating in their chosen sport.
A true lifelong learner, is constantly exploring and learning new skills to utilise in his professional life. He reads complex books on science, philosophy, psychology and business for fun. He has traveled to the US on numerous occasions to improve his skills and be in a position to deliver the best solutions to his clients.
When not working, enjoys weight training, playing his favourite musical instruments and planning for the next adventure with his wife and 3 kids. He is a keen student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, having competed and placed at state level competitions. He hopes to be awarded his black belt one day.
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