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Hi, amazing people! We have some very
news about the next update.

The next update will
impact all your existing work
so please
BACK UP your projects
read thoroughly and
don’t worry :)
- you’ll be able to move your work over and reap the benefits of some much-needed changes.

You need to follow the instructions
you update to preserve your work.

The new improvements optimize the way files are displayed, referenced, and updated. These changes provide far greater performance and reliability for file and project creation, storage, collaboration, and sharing.

Be aware:
Until you update your work for the new version, installing the update will temporarily break existing projects! But -
If your project only uses native blocks without any external media you uploaded -
your patch will
not need any update
and will work fine
All projects
can be made compatible with the updated version once adjusted!
Projects that
contain Powerblocks and Sub-patches are the easiest to adjust, but packages with those elements can be fixed, too.
This will make the app more reliable going forward for collaboration and working with content. Future updates will automate any changes to project files, so this will be the only time you have to do this!
Here is a document with detailed instructions on how to fix broken projects, and how to back up your work so you don’t lose anything.

You’ll want to read and follow these steps
you update the Patchworld app:

Our team will be available through the holidays to provide support and help. (Response time may be a little slower than usual through the holiday break.)

We have a lot more updates coming soon that continue to make Patch work better for you. We’re working very hard and listening to all your feedback, so keep it coming!

Thanks and have an awesome new year!
Your Patch team <3
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