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About Pareto

We're a diverse, global, and fully-remote team, on a mission to democratize access to quality data while empowering women around the world to drive the future of work.
is a funded high-growth startup helping businesses get the data they need to grow. We help founding teams save-time & costs while scaling repeatable manual processes like sourcing influencers, finding job candidates, to generating b2b leads, and much more.
Today, hundreds of businesses use Pareto, from Modern Fertility, Launch House, to Pave. Pareto is 100% women led and operated — we’re on a mission to and provide meaningful professional opportunities.
Pareto is part of StartX, a prestigious accelerator in Silicon Valley.
Our story
Pareto was founded by , Stanford Dropout & Thiel Fellow. Phoebe was born in China before moving to Saint Louis at 5 years old. Her parents sacrificed their careers to give her a shot at the American Dream. When she got to Stanford, she saw how technology could empower people worldwide with economic opportunities and was inspired to study computer science.
In 2018, Phoebe took a gap year to study Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) at Oxford’s Internet Institute and then work at Microsoft Research in India. Her experience in Bangalore showed her how virtual work supported talent in developing economies. Later on, she studied gig work at Stanford’s HCI Lab and learned how gig platforms could be designed to bridge the skills gap.
Phoebe decided to start an online boot camp to train women to be virtual assistants and essentially be the right-hand person for entrepreneurs. Phoebe was in the middle of training 20 women when the global pandemic hit.
She then dropped out of school and focus on the company, which was becoming a service startup founders used. When she saw patterns in projects focused on data collection and processing, she and her team decided to pivot to leverage Pareto’s operations team to analyze data & build technology to automate the repetitive operations.
Our Values
Collaboration: We believe success is only possible in collaboration - that we are not on our own, that our team, our customers, our advisors, are invaluable resources to achieve the objectives we have set. We understand the value of empathy in creating personal bonds and in supporting each other - we love listening to our peers and are eager to share what matters to us.
Results: We do what we promised and drive results. We like being given a blank page and solving problems from first principles to ultimately find the best path forward. We don't always get it right at the first try but we believe our talents can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and input from others. We try to hire people based on their trajectory, not their pedigree.
Efficiency: We care about working on the right things, not doing more than needed, and not duplicating work. This enables us to achieve more progress, which makes our work more fulfilling. We want each team member to be a manager of one who doesn't need daily check-ins to achieve their goals. When possible, we give people the responsibility to make a decision and hold them accountable for that, instead of imposing rules and approval processes.
Diversity & Inclusion: We aim to make a significant impact in our efforts to foster an environment where everyone can thrive. We actively chose to build and institutionalize a culture that is inclusive and supports all employees equitably in the process of achieving their professional goals. We hire globally and encourage hiring in a diverse set of countries. We work to make everyone feel welcome and to increase the participation of underrepresented minorities and nationalities in our community and company. We lean into differences even when it’s tough.
Iteration: We are never satisfied with what we already know. We strongly disagree when people say “curiosity killed the cat” — for us, it is essential to continue learning & iterating on solutions every day. We have a passion for understanding the world around us, practicing new skills, and challenging what we already know. We know that learning takes humility, asking for feedback even before we’re ready, and that everybody has something we can learn from. We know the value of listening, and we are eager to grow, as a human and as a professional.
Transparency: We are open about as many things as possible with our coworkers and our clients (to a lesser extent). By making information public within the team, we make contribution and collaboration easier. We don’t stay quiet when we see an issue - we are ready to go out of our depth to share our understanding of a problem that we believe is important, or has not been seen. We understand the huge effort it takes to be transparent, introduce new ideas, or share our vulnerabilities. We believe knowledge is made to be shared and we're ready to go the extra mile so those around us can benefit from our experience and expertise.
Interview process (Engineering)
For engineering roles, after an initial screening, our interview process involves 3 steps:
A cultural interview, usually done by the Engineering Lead or the CEO, plus one team member. In this interview, we will discuss your motivations, goals, and values and both you and us will have the opportunity to assess whether we can imagine working together.
A technical interview, usually done by two engineers in the team. In this interview, you will be presented with a technical challenge, and will be asked questions in relation with your past experiences as well as our current projects.
A short technical challenge followed by a presentation to the core team. In general, this format is a great all-rounder. You will have the ability to prove some of your technical skills, your ability to translate constraints into features, and to communicate with both technical and non-technical stakeholders. Don’t worry, we will give you more than enough time to prepare. :)
If you’ve made it this far we would be excited to share time and build projects with you! And we will extend you an offer.
Open roles
More Roles
Our priority is in hiring great people. If you don’t see your dream role above, apply below and we’ll reach out if you’re a good fit for any unannounced opportunities.

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