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#Panda Power Robotics

Current Team

2022 Team
Hi! We’re Alyssa, Katie, and Riya. We are a team of 3 7th grade girls. This is Riya’s 4th season, but both Alyssa and Katie are brand new both to the team and to the FIRST programs. This year, there was a big focus on developing a curriculum to help teach other teams as well as bringing Katie and Alyssa up to speed. All three of us have had a lot of fun working on our robot (we built two new robotics this year with spike prime!), building a really neat project (we got to talk to the police and got a video response from Mark Rober!), as well as just hanging out together and building lifelong friendships.
The Project: Bait Box
Early in the season, Riya’s family had a package stolen, so we were interested in exploring package theft.
We got even more excited by watching Mark Rober’s . Mark Rober is a YouTuber with over 20 million subscribers who makes videos about fun challenges and fixing problems in the world.
After some time, we decided on the problem that 2 million packages are stolen every year. In fact, 1 in 5 Americans report a package being stolen.
So we built BaitBox: a fake package with an embedded GPS tracker, network connectivity, and a camera. After getting the device working, we ran a successful field trial with the city police department. We have also recruited over 100 households to participate in the program.


Our Robot Achievements
We got 670/680 (or possibly 710) points available this season!
Qualifiers: Champions Award
NorCal Regionals: Champions Award
Houston World Festival: Rising Star Award
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