An Audacious Mission

Today, coordinating business travel is complex because of competing interests, opaque industry practices, convoluted systems, and bad software.

But we believe that travel is a force-multiplier for growth.

Travel connects teams to new and existing co-workers, partners, and customers. It enables new opportunities, produces unexpected collaboration, and shifts perspectives. That’s why we focus daily on making travel more about why you’re going and less about how you’ll get there.

Our mission is to make in-person collaboration effortless.

Our Values

Build Trust.
Teams that create deep and lasting trust with each other perform better, move faster, adapt quicker, and are happier than teams that use fear, status, and scarcity to motivate. At Pana, we build trust both because it makes the work better and because it helps us win.
Be Candid.
At Pana, we are extraordinarily candid and transparent with each other, regardless of power position. Candor, with positive intent, improves business efficiency (making us more successful), and increases trust (because we don’t worry about politics and secrets). Withholding feedback that would help improve your teammate and the business is tantamount to intentionally sabotaging our business goals.
Create Clarity.
We’re able to move fast (and be effective while doing it) because we’re obsessed with distilling complexity and ambiguity into understanding and action. Clarity builds trust (see above), improves decision making, breeds action, and allows us to move faster. Importantly, we also believe that diverse teams are better at creating clarity, because they bring varied and unique perspectives to the conversation.
Level Up.
6 months of work at Pana should feel like 2 years of professional growth. We hold a growth mindset, meaning we learn from our failures and test new ideas. We are doing something hard, and to do this we must constantly uplevel ourselves and push others to do the same. Plus, we think it feels good to get stronger! Finally, we know that a long term commitment to leveling up requires rest and recharge; bodies and minds need sleep and personal time to perform at their peak during work. This is a marathon, not a sprint.
Take Ownership.
We are working to decentralize decisions and eliminate as many decision-making controls at Pana as possible, because we want to give our employees the freedom and responsibility to own their own outcomes. However, this freedom is only worthwhile when you exercise this agency and good judgement to make your own decisions, own your own projects, and create change.
Our core values are deeply interrelated, and they build upon each other. Each value is critical in order to enable the next, each successively creating a better workplace and more successful outcomes for our business.

The foundation of all relationships, including business relationships, is an ability to
Build Trust
with each other. Trust is the oxygen of successful relationships. Once we feel safe, we create space where we all can
Be Candid
, sharing our thoughts and feelings in real time. Our candor is grounded in a shared trust that we’re here for each other’s successes, failures, and personal development.

This openness helps create three critical outcomes: (1) we cyclically reinforce more trust, because you know no one is hiding anything; (2) we can more easily
Create Clarity
, because we get to root issues and shared goals faster and without politics; and (3) we all
Level Up
, because we are constantly sharing critical feedback with the goal of helping each other improve.

Finally, with the building blocks of a shared trust culture, freely flowing feedback, high alignment on our shared goals, and team members dedicated to continuous improvement, we have created a culture where everyone—regardless of title—can
Take Ownership
. We go further and innovate faster, because everyone demonstrates high levels of care, autonomy, and ownership over accomplishing our shared goals.

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