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Virtual Fika: How Padma Warrior adapted a Swedish tradition to empower her new startup

Run a virtual fika

Pre-schedule a set of prompts that automatically post to Slack.
makes it easy to run engaging virtual fikas. People can respond to Slack using text, images, emojis, or any combination of the three. Notifications are also helpful for alerting everyone whenever a new fika prompt is posted.
Tips & FAQs
How do I connect my Slack account?
If you haven’t already,
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and when prompted, connect your Slack account using the Slack pack. You should see a dialog box prompting you to connect your account.
If for some reason that didn’t work, no worries! You can connect your Slack account by clicking Explore > Packs > Import > Slack > Settings. Then, add a new private account and sign in to your Slack account. To learn more, see , , or .
How do I do a test run?
To check if the Post prompt button is working:
Click + New Fika session.
Enter today’s date as the Post Date. The Post prompt button is enabled only on the day of the fika.
Select a Prompt.
Select an optional Host for the session (Scroll down to ‘People not in Doc’ to add email addresses if not found in the list).
Click the Post prompt button and check the Slack channel.
If you don’t see the prompt, go back to Step 2 to check everything, and make sure that the Private account of the host has been set up so Coda can post a prompt on behalf of that private account.
How do I adjust the timing of the FikaBot automation?
Before you launch your first virtual Fika, check if the FikaBot is working properly set up the to post a Slack prompt in the next hour to.
Add a prompt and scheduled it to post today
Click the Settings ‘gear icon’ at the top right of this page to set up automated posts
Select Automations, select the Post Fika Slack prompt rule, click When, enter a time, turn the rule ‘On’, choose the Take actions as {your name} option (and not the default setting, ‘Take actions as Automation Bot’ option), click Test rule, then look out for the message on Slack.
Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 10.24.33 PM.png
How do I customize the Slack message?
By default, the Slack message looks like this:
Screen Shot 2021-08-11 at 2.18.23 PM.png
To customize the Slack message, select ‘Columns’ option above the Fika schedule table to unhide and edit the ‘Slack Msg’ column. Then, select column properties dropdown, then ‘Formulas’, to edit the text in-between the quotes (and highlighted in yellow below), where {1} is the position of the Prompt selected, and the asterisks (*)and underscores (_) are markdowns for ‘bold’ and ‘italicized’ formats.
"It's weekly Fika time, and this week's prompt is: 💬 *{1}*
_Leave your work appropriate response in this thread, and review your colleagues' responses to get to know them better!_",

Identify a dedicated Slack channel
Create a dedicated channel for fika posts and responses. You can call it weekly-fika, fika-time, lets-fika or whatever you like.
Slack Channel:

Run the FikaBot
Plan ahead by queuing up some fika prompts weeks (or months) ahead of time. Choose a date, choose a prompt, and let Coda take care of the rest (currently set to Fridays at 11am).

New Fika session
Clear sample schedule
Fika schedule
Post Date
Send Slack Msg
Find a photo on your phone that makes you smile.
Post prompt
Share a favorite memory that involves food.
Post prompt
If you had all the money in the world and could go to school to learn one thing, what you would learn?
Post prompt
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